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Happy Birthday! DLV~<3
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Oh to be able to tell you all about the day I went to Dobbin's Island with several other friends to celebrate a birthday, it was so much fun.

Ok. So here's how it all went down. It was a sunny Sunday morning when we left for our boat (driven by the nervous wreck of the birthday boy XD) to a small "privately-owned" island known as Dobbin's Island.
The island itself was already full of people once we'd arrived, but before that we were having enough fun as it stood just enjoying the ride. The boat was nice, and the water was just too amazing. At one point and another and more, the boat jumped OFF the water because we were hitting some REALLY choppy waves. Man did birthday boy get anxious. Poor thing was such a nervous wreck. But he was a GOOD DRIVER. ;3

This is a picture I took WHILE THE BOAT WAS MOVING at like 60 mph. XD ...and do you see that?! Perfectly straight! (unlike me) Lol. IDK how I got a picture like THIS, but I did, and I'm very proud of it. It's obviously a lighthouse we passed once we'd gotten halfway to Dobbin's.
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Once we got to Dobbin's Island, we had to swim our cooking gear and belongings to the shores on a raft. XD Long story short, our docking area was far out because the boat would have floated ashore if we got too close. Man did THAT ever take the energy right outta me; it was brutal.
Now here comes a part you will ALL laugh at. We were swimming in the water, and me and two other of my friends engaged in a mud fight. Yes. That's right. We were swimming in the disgustingly-polluted waters of the Chesapeake Bay flinging mud all around. At one point, we mushed it in our hair and skin, and pretended to take a shower. We used it like shampoo, it was hilarious, because one of my friends GOT UP out of the water and walked all the way around the other side of the island to show the rest of the party her gorgeous do. XD
Once we got back, we all headed over to birthday boy's house (I'm using that as a sub for his real name because I don't want to use his real name w/o permission.) and had a mini party there. An hour later, everyone had gone home, and we prepared for school for the next day. God was I sore; but I had fun, so it was worth it. Totally.

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