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R.I.P. Baby [[5/25/10]] <3

Words cannot even begin to describe just exactly what I'm feeling. You were so small and full of life when I first got you, you had no idea what your future with me would be like. I took care of you, fed you, cleaned your cage when you needed it, loved you...like any owner would love her pet. You were like no other pet I've ever had. You stayed with me in my room every day, and sometimes, I would even get anxious to remove you because you were always being so loud and obnoxious whenever I was playing music or tried to sleep. You'd just keep chirping away, and I thought it was so antagonizing...but now that you've forever left my side, I long to hear your beautiful chirp. The kissing sounds you made when I press your beak to my cheeks. The playful biting you'd give me on my fingertips when I stuck my fingers near your face. The hissing you made whenever my dad would come near you, and the blood you drew on his fingers when he got too close, would forever be gone. Lost in a world unknown to the living, but living in a world know to the lost. Never again will I be able to feel your soft grey feathers on my skin, nor the sharpness of your claws when they weren't clipped. I'd laugh whenever I'd leave the room and find you hanging on one of my anime wall scrolls chirping loudly for the whole house to hear. I'd get up on my bed and grab you ever so gently with both of my hands, grasping your tiny body with such care as to not hurt you in any way. It has come to my attention that the more the years grew on our connection with one another, the less time I spent giving you attention, and for that, I am sorry. I am so so sorry. The last time a close pet of ours died was by my own hands. My own ungrasping hands. And it was you who was there when it all happened. The reason for her death was because I was worried about you flying off my shoulder and hurting yourself. I brought you downstairs, thus making that the last day I saw our beloved pet Ching the rabbit. Our very first ever rabbit. And now, my very first ever pet bird, Baby, you are now in a place far from my reach. I know you're up there looking down upon me with those small black beady eyes, twisting your little yellow and orange head from side to side making faint chirping sounds as I make sudden movements that surprised you. Baby, my sweet sweet bird, I love you with all my heart. I will miss you when I leave home, I will miss you when I leave high school, and I will think of you every day when I stare alone in my room on my bed at your empty cage. Never again will it be used, I will clean it to perfection, and keep Grandma Kathy's ring inside your food dish so the two of you will always be together. Together forever up in that special lost paradise they call Heaven. Please, I beg of you, be happy. Not just for your sake, but for mine as well. Live on the rest of your afterlife days in the skies with joy and long-lasting fullfillment of finding someone who will comfort you up there until I am by your side once again.

Love now and forever, your owner since eight years of age, Becky.

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Goldbeard Ceadeus
Community Member

Wed May 26, 2010 @ 07:22pm

I know how you feel my friend, I've lost a close pet before too v.v

Community Member

Thu May 27, 2010 @ 01:59am

aww =[ that owuld make such a sweet burial speech <33 heart

Community Member

Fri May 28, 2010 @ 01:02am

May both your grievances be swift and fond memories and all else last forever.
I envy your emotions, I truly do, I have never felt true love in it's purest form as you have in this relationship. Never forget, grieve short, carry him in your heart forever and ever as to bring him with you everywhere you go in life, to have someone to love through thick and thin. Neither forget that there are many who love you still.

User Comments: [3]
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