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Resturant or the movies?

Todays rant is about, you guessed it, dates. When you're significant other (considering you're not a lonely, sad, loser) asks you out, they normally say something like "Wanna go to the movies with me?" or "Want to go to the olive garden tonight?" but why do they always ask about eating out, movies, or football/baseball games? Dates would be way cooler, if they went somewhere cool. For instance, why doesn't this person ask "Hey, wanna go sky diving with me?" or "Lets go cart riding tonight!" well, maybe not that awesome, cause' I'll bet cart riding is pretty awesome. Anyhow, certain dates are much to common and if it were me, I would prefer it be something exiting like "Lets go put fireworks in a microwave together!" trust me, its pretty awesome when fireworks are in the microwave.

I really don't even know many girls who enjoy sports games or certain movies. Heck, I don't even like watching sports, I like playing them. And some girls may prefer to watch movies at home on they're super awesome blue-ray players ya' jerk! Besides, there are never really good movies out anyways, the cinema isn't all that great. And come on? You think I wanna get dressed all fancy to go to the olive Garden (Screw it, lets go to McDonalds!) and pay half the freaking bill! Besides, McDonalds has a dollar menu, we can get way more with $10 then at some stupid italian restaurant.

On the upside, skydiving, cart riding, and blowing crap up in the microwave is great fun! And if we're gonna go out to eat, lets get dressed up all goth and scary, then sit in the McDonalds playpen to eat, take pictures with the Ronald McDonald statue, stick a fake moustache on it and then leave...Leave in a shopping cart with a handful of McDonals straws and ketchup packets. Heh, thats my ideal first date!