Justice Lives Ch.2
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II :: Amiss

"Could you repeat that?" Near speaks sharply as his fingers clutch a puzzle piece. He was going over the final paperwork from the Kira case so that he could settle matters with the NPA’s task force when Gevanni came in with some less than good news. Near sets the piece down slowly and reaches for his bangs with his free hand. The young detective, now with the proper title of L, is clearly not amused.

"Light Yagami's body is missing from the morgue."

"I see."

Stephen Gevanni hovers behind his pale boss, who is sitting on the floor with his toys scattered about in the dim control room. Near has that usual blank expression on his face, which does nothing to help the SPK member figure out if he’s angry or couldn’t care less. Gevanni clears his throat and continues, "Yes, it was reported missing at around six o'clock last night."

"So it was stolen?" Near tilts his head to the side and quickly starts going through the possible suspects in such a scenario. Chances are high that a member of the task force might have taken the body. Matsuda would be at the top of the list, since he was the most emotional at the capture only a few days ago, but Near wouldn’t rule out a group effort. Misa Amane is also a possibility considering her obsession with the man and the trauma she experienced upon finding out he was dead. If Near remembers correctly, Mogi made sure that she’s under a suicide watch which he could contact to discover if she has an alibi. Mikami is out of the question since he has been in jail and accounted for, though there are other issues to deal with concerning that madman. No one else knows that Light Yagami is Kira or has significant ties to him, so it’s unlikely anyone else would have motive to steal his body.

"We're unsure, sir. The whole situation is rather...unusual." Gevanni sighs and looks down at his file. He made sure to search the scene thoroughly before reporting to Near, but he was still coming up short. To be blunt, it was the only reason he even brought it to Near's attention that Kira's body is missing. Had it simply been stolen, he doubts the detective would care at all. "It was reported missing, but no one knows what happened to it. We found no prints at the scene besides those of the coroners."

"Why is that unusual? It's not difficult for a criminal to wear gloves and be careful." Near pauses and stares at his puzzle. It’s about 85% complete and he figures he can have it finished by the time this conversation is over. "What about cameras? Surely the morgue has surveillance tapes."

"No usable footage." Gevanni clears his throat and pulls a tape out of a manila folder. "This is a copy of all the footage from when it was last confirmed Yagami was in the drawer to when he was discovered missing. However, it doesn't do us much good...” He hesitates to go on, “...someone...sneaked an apple in front of the camera. You can't even see their hand putting the object in place."

Near is silent. Somebody has an interesting sense of humor. He can’t think of how someone not related to the Kira case would understand the irony of an apple, but maybe it was just coincidence. He twists a strand of hair around his finger with a bored expression. This whole thing is more annoying than interesting. "That hints at an inside job."

Gevanni flips another page on his report and nearly sighs again. "All staff is accounted for and everyone checked out with a proper alibi. We really don’t have any idea how the body got out of the morgue. It's why we brought the case to you. Even if the body did not belong to Kira, it would still be a strange occurrence."

Near slides his eyes to the side to look at the young man holding the report. Either this really is worth looking into, or his team has been slacking since the end of the Kira case. Regardless, there should be at least some evidence at the crime scene. His men are the best, how could they not find anything? "Are you saying the body just disappeared, then? That's highly unlikely and we know the camera was tampered with. Therefore, someone must have taken it."

Gevanni gives a resigned shrug and suddenly laughs at the image that popped into his head at that comment. "It’s either that or he got up and walked away."

Near ignores Gevanni's moment of stupidity. As if Light Yagami’s god complex needed any post mortem encouragement by considering some sort of resurrection theory. The man is dead, for crying out loud. “Are you positive there are no prints of any kind?”

Gevanni looks through the report again. He has read it five times already and the information doesn't reveal a thing. “None on the drawers or equipment.”

“Did you dust the floor?”

“The floor?”

“For footprints.”

Gevanni pauses and swallows. He should have thought of that. “There were no indications...you see, we...no, we have not,” he finishes, a little lamely.

“Has anyone else been on the scene?”

“No, sir.”

“Dust the entire floor.” Near brushes white hair out of his eyes. “And the hallways. And supervise personally. I want you there.”

“Of course.” Gevanni leaves the report on a side table and gives a curt bow. He should have known this was coming. Maybe he'll call Lidner to help out if he manages to find anything. “I'll excuse myself then.”

Near nods and reaches for a puzzle piece. He snaps it into place, finishing the abstract image and biting his lower lip. Chances are that regular police will sweep the scene and Near has little faith in them. If the morgue is where their evidence is located, then that's where they should start. If you don't find it on a first look, you need to look closer.


"Ryuk, if you mention apples one more time I'm going to find some way to hurt you," Light growls as he tries to hide himself behind a tree. After the initial shock and relief of finding himself alive and breathing again, Light has suddenly found himself stuck with a slew of problems. For starters, he doesn't have any real clothes and the hospital-like robe he’s wearing now hardly qualifies. Add in the fact that he doesn't have a cent on him and Light is having a rather terrible morning. Sleeping on the ground all night under a tree hasn't exactly made his day, either. His back is sore. "I need clothes and money to buy apples. So let me think!"

“Jeez, you don't have to be so crabby,” Ryuk huffs. Light fell asleep soon after they escaped from the morgue last night to regain his strength, and he is definitely showing signs of his old self now. Ryuk already misses the almost drugged-like state he was in earlier. It was funny. “I just want an apple.”

“Ryuk,” Light snarls. Thankfully, there aren’t many people in the park this morning, but Light still has to be cautious. He tries to steer the conversation away from the red fruit while he watches for any possible passerby. “Why are you here anyway? Aren't you supposed to be haunting the Death Note owner?”

Ryuk shrugs and stretches his arms over his head. “That crazy guy is sitting in jail mumbling to himself. It's boring. Besides, I hung out with you while he had the Death Note, when you were still Kira.”

“I'm surprised you didn't kill him,” Light smirks and pulls back behind the tree when a couple passes by, “and that he hasn't given up the Death Note by now.”

“Eh, there isn't much of a point now, and no, he’d never give it up.” Ryuk snickers. “For one reason or another.”

“So, Near hasn't burnt the Death Notes yet? Hm...” Light takes in his surroundings. He'd have to think of something good to pawn some money or clothes from a total stranger. It's not like he can go home and say 'Hi!' Though, depending on the security he might be able to get into his apartment. Assuming Misa isn't still there. He isn't looking forward to that reunion, though something in the back of his mind is telling him she might be his only reliable contact. “Or has he?”

“Nope. Still got them in a vault.”

“That's strange.” Light gives a haughty sniff. “Or he's not as honest as we think he is.”

“Could be.” Ryuk is getting sick of Light sitting here and not doing anything, so he starts whining. Annoying Light always gets some of the best reactions. “Can we hurry this up?”

Light rolls his eyes. “You really want things to go faster?”

“Yes! I want apples!”

“Then go steal a wallet without someone noticing. Or at least get me some clothes,” he snaps.

“Why didn't you just ask for that in the first place?”

“I didn't think you'd do it.” Light blinks in surprise as he turns and leans his back on the tree, pulling his robe tighter around himself. It’s a chilly morning. “Then again, I forgot you'd do almost anything for apples.”

“I could just let you stay naked.”

“Shut up.”


Misa sat in her chair, eyes slightly glazed, unmoving. She’s been in this position for quite some time since she finished crying. The mascara is still stained against her cheeks and she has refused to shower or even stand up. Mogi comes in once in a while to watch over her and double check for any harmful or sharp objects in the room. She thinks the sentiment is nice in the back of her mind, but she’s too much in shock from the news to care or express her gratitude.

Light is dead.

Mogi and the rest of the task force broke the news to her shortly after it happened. They made her go to see the dead body and convince her after she threw a fit, screaming and accusing them of “terrible, horrible lies.” Her Light was really, truly dead. Every time she closes her eyes, she can still see the bullet wounds where she was told that Matsuda shot him. “Light was Kira and he had to die,” is what they told her. Not that any of that matters to Misa; she always supported Kira and finding out that Light and he were the same person only made him even more perfect in her eyes. It’s a shattering tragedy.

It goes without saying that it doesn't change the fact that her Light was snatched away from her. Misa still wears the engagement ring. She’s refused to ever take it off and now the blond sits, turning it lightly with her fingers as she stares forward. The once bubbly girl has yet to decide if she is going to attend the funeral.

“Misa-san?” Ide knocks lightly on the oak threshold of the bedroom doorway. Mogi had asked him to watch Misa while he met with Aizawa to cover some paperwork. Even though they now know the young lady was the second Kira, it’s obvious that she has no recollection of the events and had given up the notebook. Everyone was worried about her, even Aizawa. Ide blames his worry on the fact that he, himself, is the father of a daughter. “You need to eat something.”

Misa remains quiet and shifts her eyes to the window to look outside. A few birds hop around the leaves. She isn't hungry.

“I'll come back later, then.” Ide sighs and shuts the door. At least she isn't crying anymore.

Misa continues to stroke her ring as she wonders how this world can get away with losing the one hope that it had.


“Well, it's not the best fit, but it'll have to do.” Light looks over himself, now in the outfit he had changed into begrudgingly. The best Ryuk could do without anyone noticing floating objects in the air was a one-piece janitor’s uniform that someone left hanging in the back of a laundry cart. He also found a pair of sandals at an outside shop and Light's only regret is that they’re almost too small for his feet, unlike the jumpsuit that hung loosely on his frame. He rolls up the sleeves so they don't engulf him in a sea of fabric. The smell makes him grimace, but there isn't much he can do about it. “What about money?”

“Too risky. I figured you could do that yourself.” Ryuk snickers as he watches Light fuss with the new outfit, trying to get as comfortable as he can in it. It’s even more hilarious when he remembers that Light doesn't have any undergarments. Humans are so fussy about those things; this one in particular threw a fit when he realized Ryuk didn't even bother looking for any. Though, to be fair, Ryuk doubts that the brunette would have worn used underwear anyway. The shinigami is still surprised he was wearing the sweaty jumpsuit.

“At least I'm not wearing that white thing anymore.” Light shuddered. There was something really wrong about wearing a death shroud now that it was off of him. “Let's get going. We need somewhere else to stay tonight.”

“Like where?”

“I’m not sure yet. Maybe I can find a hostel somewhere.” Light shoves his hands into the grubby pockets and starts walking along the streets. He wishes he had a hat or something to hide his face, but he’s forced to stick with trying to keep his stride from gaining too much unwanted attention. It’s obvious that his outfit is getting more looks than he cares to admit, unfortunately. “Just stay quiet for now.”

Ryuk is more than happy to hover silently behind the young man as he watches him look for potential targets. He's never seen Light steal anything before so it will be interesting to see if he can pull it off. Though, if Ryuk wants apples anytime soon, he'll have to hurry things along. The shinigami hovers a little higher to scan the area for an easy target and chuckles when he finds one in plain sight. “Oh, look. Kukuku, that lady left her purse.”

Light's eyes shift in the direction Ryuk is pointing and sure enough there is an open purse sitting on a table as a woman has walked away towards a register with her lunch ticket. The café looks fairly empty so Light takes a chance and reaches into the purse for the wallet as he walks by, trying to be discreet.


“s**t.” Light grabs the entire purse and starts walking quickly in the opposite direction of the café with the screaming woman pointing at him. Light's only thankful thought is that she’s too busy screaming to actually be doing anything. Nonetheless, it doesn't stop him from cursing in his mind over and over that he was caught so quickly. He was a genius for goodness' sake!

“You might wanna start running now, there's a guy jogging up behind you.” Ryuk chuckles the way he always does as Light breaks into a sprint. The man makes chase after him and Ryuk laughs all the while. The pursuer, however, doesn’t look like he’s about to give up, and so the shinigami flies a little higher to scan the area once again. “Hey Light, take a left at the next alley. There's a hole in the wall.”

Light makes a promise to himself to give Ryuk all the apples he could eat if he can make it through this without getting arrested. He takes a sharp left turn and quickly ducks in the crevice next to a dumpster, crouching there with the purse and his bitter thoughts. Oh how the mighty have fallen.


They think he’s crazy.

Mikami knows better. Giving up the Death Note would be suicide. Keeping the Death Note is suicide. Either way the coin flips, Mikami is going to die. Well, if you’re going to die, you might as well keep the supernatural powers, right? The lawyer smirks as he watches the life-spans of the inmates around his cell. It had taken a while, but he finally cracked the shinigami time code floating over people's heads. It was a fun hobby of his while sitting at work ever since he made the eye deal. That one will live for another five hours; the other has fifty years. Mikami isn't sure which one he feels more sorry for.

The man looks down at his own chest, his arms strapped snugly against it inside of the straight-jacket. After the extensive cavity search, bath, and a second search, Mikami was left humiliated and without anything that could possibly be used as a weapon, be it paper or pen. They even made him throw up the contents of his stomach. Not that he cares.

His God is dead.

And he doesn't just mean the physical death of Light Yagami. Oh no, God died the moment he realized that all of which he worshipped was a pathetic sack of flesh with the same weakness that rots the rest of the world. Mikami will not make the same mistake again, though he knows God is out there somewhere. Just not on this earth. Kira was no God.

Mikami repeats this in his head over and over to justify himself and smother his guilt. Once he had time to think after all the chaos in that final showdown, it occurred to him that the reason God failed and died such a miserable, humbling death was because he screwed up. Had he just done what he was told and not bothered to kill Takada, then everyone at that warehouse would be dead save for him and God--no--Light Yagami.

Stop thinking about it.

Mikami wonders where Ryuk flew off to. Isn't the shinigami supposed to kill him? It’s something to distract his thoughts with while awaiting his trial, at least. Trial. Ha. A dog and pony show to be sure. They need a culprit to crucify since the original Kira is dead, and Mikami is sure he will fit the bill nicely.

“So this is the mighty Kira?” A guard snickers as he stands just outside of the broken man's cell. An inside friend of his had let it slip that they’re keeping Kira in this prison, and here he is. The raven haired man doesn't look so tough. His long face is hardened with burden, yes, but it still has traces of his graceful features. “Having fun in the dog house? Bet you wish you weren’t so quick to kill all ‘em people now.”

Mikami looks up slowly, letting a small grin crawl across his face as he waits patiently for the guard to finish laughing.

“You're going to die in two years, Mr. Terrance Langly.”


“Wow, I’ve never seen you run so fast, hyuk hyuk hyuk!” Ryuk laughs as Light clutches the purse. The alley is empty and thankfully that pesky man from the café finally stopped chasing him. He stares down at the purse and eagerly pulls out the wallet. “You've got to be kidding.” Light snarls at the money. “Six-thousand yen? That's it?”

“How many apples will that buy?” Ryuk stares longingly at the tiny wad of bills in Light’s hand. He tries not to drool.

The brunette groans as he rubs his temples. He needs another way to get money that isn't so degrading. Then he could get cleaned up, get a hold of some resources, and possibly get revenge on Near and the whole damned task force. Granted, he can't do any of that unless he gets money. At least then he can buy fake identification, maybe get a job and take it from there. Light is absolutely loathing this new ‘living moment by moment’ mindset his situation has thrown him in. He needs to get settled to make some longterm plans. “It better buy me a lighter so I can burn the evidence.”

“Sometimes I think you're a pyro, Light.”

“Shut up, Ryuk.” He looks up at the pouting shinigami as he hovers, staring at the money in his hands with wide eyes. Rather intensely, too; his shoulders are twitching. “Fine, fine. I'll go buy some apples.”

“About time!”

“Or maybe I'll spend it on shoes that fit.” Light smirks.

“I'm going to regret bringing you back, aren't I?”

“You have no idea. And if you don't, Near and those traitors will.”


“Matsuda, for the last time.” Aizawa sits down at the table across from his fellow officer. The man hasn't left his home since they returned from the warehouse. Aizawa knows that he’s in shock from Light being Kira, but it shouldn't have come as this big of a surprise. It was fairly clear that Light was Kira from back when L was around. “You need to get out of this apartment.”

“I know,” Matsuda sighs as he turns a cup of coffee around and around in his hands. “I just need a little time. You know? It's all still sinking in. Light was Kira and I shot him. And now I'm not sure if what I did was right and I just feel...weird.”

“Weird?” Aizawa shakes his head. Matsuda is too much of a nice guy; he really is. The older colleague can't stand to see him this way. “You’re not sure if what you did was right? Matsuda, he was going to kill us all.”

“That's not what I mean.” Matsuda swallows dryly before he can go on. “When I took those shots, I really did want to kill him. I've never felt like that before and it scared me to the point where I became...numb. I didn't even think I could feel that way.” Matsuda takes a sip of coffee. It’s lukewarm by now. “I just don't know anymore.”

“Okay, I'll give you some more time. But.” Aizawa pauses on that last word with stern emphasis and reaches across the table to put a hand on his shoulder. “If you're not out of here by the end of the week and coming to the office we're going to come get you.”

“Okay.” Matsuda forces a smile. “You got it. I'll be in on Friday with donuts.”

“Sounds good.”

Matsuda watches Aizawa leave, wishing he could muster up the energy to be happier or to look on the bright side of things. Kira is gone, Mikami is in jail, Near is the new L, and they’re alive. He should be happy, but...crime rates will go up again, he doesn't trust Near, Misa-Misa isn't smiling anymore, and the Yagami family is short a son. Matsuda doesn't want to see Sayu and her mother crying.
He wipes a tear away from the corner of his eye and wishes that he could stop crying.


“Did you finish, then?” Near asked this as soon as Gevanni entered the room with Lidner tailing behind him. He must have recruited the woman's assistance after being dismissed at their last meeting. “Tell me the results of the sweep.”

Gevanni licks his lips and takes a deep breath. Lidner rolls her eyes as she crosses her arms, but he ignores her. He wouldn't have brought her in to help if not for his findings. “We dusted the floor as requested.”

“And?” Near turns to look at his staff through snowy bangs as he twirls a strand near his ear.

“We found footprints as well as handprints that led out into the hallway and to the window on the fourth floor. They indicate that the person walked and one point seems to have fallen or possibly crawled.”

“Did you find a match?”

Gevanni takes another deep breath. Near is not going to like this. “Yes.”

Near waits before giving the SPK member something close to a glare for hesitating with the answer. “Who?”

“Light Yagami.”