A Note About Digestion
I had thought about the rules of the Death Note and how Light would be able to remember everything after his death before I started this project. Ownership of the Death Note is, after all, relinquished after the owner’s death. However, when Light swallowed a small piece of the notebook’s paper in the series, I believe that permanently gave him these abilities. Yes, he would have eventually digested and excreted the paper (isn’t that a lovely thought?) but in the digestion process, you must realize that the body soaks up nutrients and other things it finds useful while swallowed contents are broken down and go through the digestive tract. I’m sure that some part of it would have been absorbed into Light’s body, possibly even in his bloodstream. I can get into the specific science of it, but I’d rather not. Basically, he can never go back to being as “innocent” as he was before contact with the Death Note.