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My thoughts this journal is just about my my personal thoughts ^^

Candy Korea
Community Member
Ho shet. A new entry for the first time in evers! xD

So I'm thinking about a possible quitting of gaia. It's very unlikely but the idea has been tossed up. It will be more likely one I start working and get to college. Why quit, you ask? Simply put, Gaia is full of STUPIDITY. Like this one ********, Robomonito. I thought it would be fun to be obnoxious and mess around with him in the rallies. Now what does he do? He consistantly sexually harasses me. ******** mods won't get to it anytime soon and he can just make another account to get to me if I block him. How about the shallow ******** in LD? I'm a thick girl ok? But.... eerk.. stereotyping and body snarking is all the LD can do. My characters in a roleplay is not cliche enough for alot of roleplay. I had a hell of a time with Saberie. Ya my grammer was s**t then but she thought her cliched characters were better. Lawls. heart I can't count how many times an IDIOTIC ******** SHITWADS of a small boy has asked me out through rallies and tried to get me to cheat on Maxi when I was still dating him.

I can go on and on about the idiocity and perversion I went through on this site. My number one favorite though is how little wapanese ******** tell me how Japan is so OMGLIEKSOMUCHFEKKINGOSM than Korea. I still fail to see it. You're talking to a girl that is surrounded by korean influences, ********. fail stupidity is fail. I don't limit myself to just Korea though. I listen to Swedish music, romanian music, and even stuff from Bollywood! ******** diversity, yo.

Don't beg for my shet if you don't talk to me. There's no chance of you getting it. Only a select few besides my sisters are getting my things. Maybe not. I might come back. heart

So ya. Expect my emenient quitting soon. But I'm gonna do it with a
BANG. heart

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