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my life is really wierd, so I start thinking and well I think of poems like-things about emotions
HC Fanfiction here------>Propery of 123FWOSHAA

yes this is a fanfic so beware!
One shot:

“It’s coming your way!” came a girl’s voice through the forest to one person in particular, the man of light. He gripped one of his twin katanas and let the other fall to his side. In the gray forest a darkness could be seen skimming past the trees. The chosen one of light, Zorxtwan, swung his sword around, like he would with a nunchuck, waiting for the creature to revile it’s self. It had finally emerged for the forest and continued running forward ready to attack the man in front of it. When the creature was within attacking range Zorxtwan, still spinning his katana, moved his weapon slightly left, up and down. He stopped his spinning weapon and sheathed both blades, as the creature of darkness fell to the ground with many cuts in it’s torso. He looked up to his best friend, Mysteria along with her kitty, Tora, out of breath towards the top of the hill. She smiled and made her way down to where Zorxtwan and the evaporating demon were. When she reached the bottom of the hill she stumbled a bit but Zorxtwan was there to catch her.
“Careful” he said
“hehe thanks, I see you got it” she said referring to the still evaporating creature
“Yeah” he said simply
A small avalanche of rock and dirt came down as the third member of the party slid down the hill to where his companions were.
“Damn, you got it already, how come you got all the fun” spoke the tallest, more built one
“Well I’m sure it smelled you, Shugo, and didn’t want to go in your direction” Zorxtwan said with a smirk
“Well now we know you attract demons, I mean look who your best friend is” he threw back
“What?” Zorxtwan asked as he balled up his fist
“Hey! Stop it!” The petite girl said as she bumped both of her fists into their heads
“See?” Shugo whispered as he rubbed the back of his head just as Zorxtwan had
“Let’s head back alright?” Mysteria asked with a smile
Both boys just nodded their aching head and fallowed her to the open field in the forest of Twilights Dawn. The team entered the open field where six others where waiting.
“Good looks as if everyone succeeded in their mission” Mysteria said as she examined the group
Her eyes stopped upon one individual. It was Noctune, she was sitting on a rock holding her arm with Vardrian kneeling beside her. She walked over to the pair.
“Are you ok?” Mysteria asked
“Yeah… I just caught my arm on a tree branch” Noctune said shyly
“Here, let me fix that, hey Vardrian can you grow a mandrake root please?” she asked
“Uh, Yeah, here” He said as he did a quick hand movement and the root was sprouting out of the ground
“Thanks, I can never get used to that” she took the root and placed it on her lap. She conjured up a leather bag and pulled out a medicine grinder. She dropped parts of the root in and began grinding it in to a fine powder. Once that was done she took three pinches of the root and dropped it in a two piece clam shell held together by wire. She asked Vardrian if she could use his water container. She dropped two drops of water on to the root powder and it became a thick liquid.
“Here, hold out your arm” Mysteria told her
Noctune did as she was told and showed off her cut. Mysteria dipped her middle finger in to the liquid and gently applied it to the shy one’s pale skin. Noctune blush slightly at the contact but the other didn’t notice. The liquid was cool and visibly reduced the depth of the cut.
“Mandrake root has special healing qualities if mixed with water” Mysteria announced as she put a light blue bandage on the cut
“Th-Thank you” whispered Noctune
Mysteria smiled and she stood up to talk with the others.
“Okay, now that we have finished our missions what shall we do” Mysteria always had so proper English even though her best language was Japanese
“I KNOW!” Eko suddenly burst out “We should have a party!”
*Gasp* “I second that” spoke Eko’s partner in crime, Basten
Several others agreed with their hyperactive friends. Zorxtwan grabbed on to Mysteria’s arm.
“What?” She asked
“Come here” He whispered tugging her away from the group “Is it a good idea if they have a party, I mean we should be training”
“I don’t see the harm if we have a party, everyone’s in such a good mood, and they all worked hard to get stronger, so maybe a little fun would be good” she said
“Maybe your right” he replied
“You doubt me?” she said smiling to her self “Alright come, let’s go”
“Okay so it’s settled we’ll have the party tonight” Eko cheered
Somehow Eko and Basten managed to drag along Ohrian and Zero with them on their shopping spree. They knew that thankfully Mysteria could add some color to the decorations, for everything in Twilights Dawn was gray, black or white. It was quite dull decoration colors. About an hour later off in the distance two figures could be seen speeding towards the field.
“Uh what is that?” Mysteria examined closely as to what was headed full throttle towards her
She looked closer at the two figures. It was Eko and Basten. What could they be doing? They came closer in to view and shouting was exchanged, but all that Mysteria could make out was something like “First ...Mysteria …wins”. Suddenly gust of wind nearly knocked the small illusionist over as Eko and Basten ran on both sides of her. Eko tagged her shoulder and shouted “I WON!!!”
“What the heck?” Mysteria questioned
But before her question was answered Eko ran off Screaming about her victory.
“I want a rematch!” Basten shouted as he ran after her
Mysteria had no clue as to what was going on but she noticed Ohrian and Zero were panting, both carrying a gigantic box of obviously party stuff.
“Did you run all the way here with that?” She asked
“No, I would have died along time ago if that where the case” Ohrian said
“Yeah” was all Zero managed to say still breathing hard
“What exactly did you guys buy?” She questioned
“Dude… we don’t even know” Zero breathed
“Well let’s get this all unloaded, k?” Mysteria asked as she grabbed Zero’s side of the box and began walking
They finally made it the field and began to unload. There were dance floor pieces, a table, table cloth, cups, plates, and even a dicoball rig.
“Ok, we have all this stuff what about food and music?” Mysteria asked quite confused
Knowing Eko and Basten, that would be the first thing they would buy.
“Oh we have a second load” said the darkness’s chosen one, Ohrian
“We have to get another box?” She asked again
“No, we borrowed Tora, don’t worry we had her carry the lightest one” Zero spoke this time
“That’s why she wasn’t here” she sighed in relief
“Oh there she is now” Ohrain pointed out
Sure enough, a white tiger looking creature was flying towards them with a box on her back. Once she landed the three began to unload. They grabbed the candy, chips, soda, music, and surprisingly alcohol. Everything was now set up and colorful. The other six, including Eko and Basten had stopped their ‘race’,and began to make a playlist of songs and what not. Once that was all said and done it was time for the party to start. The sun was starting to set, the music was blaring, the lights were psycho, and everyone was having a good time.
“So far, so good, no one’s broken anything” Zorxtwan said as he poured himself soda by the punch table
“Yeah well, just wait till the break out the Alcohol” Mysteria said joining him
“Oh God” was all he replied
Everyone was dancing, including Shugo,(but he didn’t really do much). Even though they were all having fun sober, they believed it would be more fun if there was beer and red bull. Almost everyone drank the beer, even if they were all under age. Eko and Basten were no longer dancing; they were running around the dance square for no apparent reason. Others were doing funny drunken moves until one particular incident.

Orian, Vardrian, and surprisingly Zorxwan were drunker than a set of doorknobs.
Although, Zorxtwan was the most sober out of the three. Orian stood close to the swaying Zorxwan, suddenly grabbed his hand. The hand traveled up his arm until it found his neck and began playing with the loose strands of hair. Sill holding on to Zorxwan’s hair, Orian moved slightly so he was in front of the black haired beauty. He took his other hand and placed it behind Zorxwan’s head and laid his cheek on Zorxtwan’s shoulder.
Orian gentile licked his bare neck.
“W-what ar-re you d-doing?” Zorxtwan asked still quiet loopy
“Making you happy” He breathed making Zorxtwan shiver
Suddenly Vardrian slide between the two creating a blockade with his arms spread out and then wrapped around the body of the black haired one’s. With tears in his eyes, it was so cute! Orian just smiled slightly and placed his hand on Vardrian’s cheek, with a slight blush.
“Yourr sso qcute” his words all slurred together
He pounced on the two and the fell to the ground. This not only stopped Eko and Basten in their tracks along with everyone else who wasn’t too smashed to think they were just watching animal planet. Some how, Eko was still conscience enough to pull out a video camera and press Record. There was a crowed around, and just about everyone saw it, so there really was no need to video tape that incident, but it could have just been used for black mail. Quickly after Eko and Basten continued their race.
“Hello internet” She said with a smile
Poor Noctuned didn’t need to see such things, her little innocent eyes. She looked away and tussling her hair a bit when suddenly a loud scream irrupted from Shugo.
“THAT IS IT I CAN’T STAND IT ANY MORE!” He Cried “Your F****** Glittery Hair Is Driving Me Crazy! It Is So F****** Annoying!”
“I-I’m s-s-sorry, I c-can’t really help it, I-I can d-die it if y-you wan-”
“Shut Up!!!”
Everyone, even the yoi three some, had stopped to watch the destruction behind them. Shugo had unsheathed his sword and held it above his head ready to strike. His Sword fell forwards, connecting with flesh, and a thud. Only in a second in all happened and no one realized it. Noctune was on her knees, and yet no blood covered her, but what lied next to her was. Mysteria. The one of the only ones, who was fully sober, was able to react so fast as to be the one hit by Shugo’s weapon.
At that same moment Eko and Basten were still running, but distracted by the commotion, Eko ran into Shugo knocking him and his weapon out of the way. All was silent.
“Mysteria!!!” A voice rang out
You can bet Zorxtwan was surely sober now seeing his best friend cut down by the drunken Shugo. Zorxtwan rushed over to Mysteria and knelled next to her. He stared at her blood covered body. He examined the huge gash across her torso.
“Mysteria? You!” he pointed at Shugo” How could you? She could die because of yo-” he was stopped by Mystria’s hand grabbing his
He looked down at her. She was smiling looking very sleepy.
“I’m fine, don’t worry” she said
“No… no your not” he gentile squeezed her hand
“Mysteria… Why-y did you do that-t?” Noctune said with tears in her eyes
“I don’t know, my body just acted on its own” she coughed
“Don’t speak” Zoxtwan whispered
“Why did you do that” Eko Cried
“I-I didn’t mean to, my dark side took control” Shugo said looking down at his shaking hands “I’m so sorry Mysteria”
“Its okay” she said very breathlessly
“Vardrian can you heal her?” Basten said more serious than a drunken man should
“I think so, but I have to examine her wound first” he answered
He had Mysteria moved to a quieter place in the forest. It was far too late for a doctor to be awake. After she was moved, Vardrian had some others gather herbs. He headed back to the quiet place while everyone else sat around silent.
“I won” Eko cheered quietly petting the restless Tora
“Not now dude” Basten whispered quietly patting his friend on the back
“You just had do drink didn’t you” Zorxtwan said
“I said I didn’t mean to and I was sorry, so stop trying to blame this on me!” He yelled
“Oy, knock it off both of you, this won’t help her get better, what’s done is done, so it no good to anyone if we are pointing fingers” Ohrian said suddenly
“Yeah” Zero agreed “Wait I’m confused, how did Zorxtwan and Vardian get drunk the hardly drank any beer” he said suddenly
“Yeah” Orian said
“eheh about that” Eko laughed guiltily
“What did you do?” Zorxtwan asked
“Well we may have spiked the punch” Basten said with a guilty smile
“What?” Zorxtwan asked
“We thought it would be fun” Echo continued
“But we were wrong but we did get some pretty great footage” Basten spoke
“Wait. Footage? Of what?” Zorxtwan asked
“Never mind” The two said in unison
Vardian came out of the forest with a relieved look on his face. Several people stood up.
“Is she alright?” Her best friend asked
“She’ll live” he confirmed “But she’ll need quite a bit of time to recover, she took the full extent of the attack. I suggest we all be very careful… and quiet” He glanced over in Eko’s and Basten’s direction “I say we let her rest tonight and talk with her in the morning, okay?”
It was agreed. They would talk with her tomorrow and all but one slept well. He tossed and he turned but he couldn’t sleep with out talking to Mysteria. He got up and walked to the small girl lying on a Japanese style bed. She was wearing a white robe with her clothes in a neat stake by her head. He knelt down beside her.
“I’m so sorry” He whispered
“I thought I said I was fine” said the sleeping girl besides him
Her eyes were slightly opened
“Mysteria, you should be asleep” he said
“So should you, Zorkystwan”
“How did you know it was me?”
“I just do”
“I wished I could have stopped him, helped you”
“There was nothing you could do”
“Still, I-”
“It’s okay, enough talk you need to get to bed, I can tell you are tiered”
He yawned “Okay, Good Night”
“Good night” she smiled as Zorxtwan headed back to his sleeping place

The next morning or technically afternoon because it was 1:30pm when everyone woke up, the sun was shinning and birds were singing; a good signs after a strange night. The smell of bacon, eggs, and waffles were in the air.
“Yummy” Eko muttered as she stumbled out of bed and towards the smell of food.
That was pretty much the only way to get Eko out of bed.
“Wait. WHY ARE YOU COOKING?!?!?!?!” She yelled, waking up everyone else
Zorxtwan jolted out of bed to see Mysteria in a magically appearing kitchen cooking. Orian, Zero, and Basten sat up in their bed quite confused as to what all the commotion was about. Everyone else just let their eyes adjust to the light and stayed lying down. Zorxtwan walked over to Mysteria, who was riding on Tora so she could get around.
“What are you doing? You should be resting” He said
“Well what do you expect me to do at nine in the morning, there was nothing else I could do” she said
“What? Nine? Are you crazy? That’s too early, especially you’re hurt” Eko gasped
“Yeah, seriously” Ohrian had joined them by now
“Okay you guys need to stop complaining and eat” She said pointing to the array of food before them
“Ooh food!” Eko exclaimed forgetting that was the only reason she woke up in the first place.
“Okay” Both Orian and Zorxtwan exchanged looks as they got their food
They sat down at the table that appeared before them. Mysteria grabbed a plate and joined them.
“Weird night, huh guys?” She smiled


(P.S.- sorry Zero, Noctune, and Vardian I don’t know your characters real well, so I didn’t know what kind personalities you all have)

Whoo 6 pages!!!

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commentCommented on: Mon Nov 30, 2009 @ 04:42am
kick a** liz

commentCommented on: Mon Nov 30, 2009 @ 05:17am
you do realize this means i have to kill you!

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue Dec 01, 2009 @ 06:06pm
hahaha They had a Lesbian Twosome huu huu huu
Bastend would have like bathed in the punch XDDD
over all i loved it.
especially the gayness

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