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Kitty's journal
No clue what to write about :D just whatever I feel like writing.
Car accident
Okay.. Ive had a trillion people ask "OMG WHAT HAPPENED" so I decided ill write it ehre for them to see. That way I dont have to retype it all..
Well Im going home from school today and the lights took FOREVER... Nobody could move to one road, because there was absolutely nor oom.. Nobody was moving on the road. Well finally things cleared up and I could drive onto it to get home.. I had my car, and my little brother was in it with me.. (7 years old)
Well I notice flashing lights and tell him that if I say to, he cant look out of the window.. Luckily some fire trucks and ambulances blocked the view, but I still saw a motorcycle lying on the ground.
I woman had hit a man on a motorcycle but she just drove off... Parts of her car falling off on the road.... The guy was alright. He was able to walk and he was okay, but they still wanted to take him to the hospital.

Anyway I was like "Wow.. Sure am glad I want in a wreck. Id feel awful."
Not even a minute down the road, the car in front of me slams on the brakes and I try to stop not to hit him.. The girl driving behind me smashed into the back of my car so I moved over and made sure everyone was alright. My car seems fine besides a bent tailpipe, but her whole front of her car was smashed. I was really nervous and felt terrible, since it was my first wreck and all..

The car in front of me had stopped suddenly because there was a bumper in the road.. From the crazy lady that drove off after hitting a motorcycle.... Parts of her car were pretty much everywhere.

It was wierd because right beside on, on the other side of the road was another wreck.. Same reason.. But a towtruck hit this guy. In the end, everyone was fibe, but there were three seperate wrecks not even a quarter of a mile away all on the same road.. I was right by my house but it took me forever to get a hold of anyone..

There were about a trillion police cars all over the place.. Cars had wrecked, some had stopped, and they were trying to find the crazy lady. Come to find out the girl who hit me goes to my school, which made me a little less nervous since I sorta knew her..

Plus my brother's girlfriend's aunt was driving by and recognized me walking to the other car so she stopped and ran over to make sure everything was alright. In the end everyone was fine.. Not sure about the motorcycle dude, but they caught the psycho lady. xD

One freaky accident, scared the **** outta me cause i thought they had hit the back hard enough to hit my brother >w< But he was fine. I think he found it all exctiting.. ._.''

We figured that even though some cars need fixed, all of the wrecks were cause of the lady, so she might have t pay for it all..
Now I just gotta convince the girl that my family wont sue her... xD

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Sat Feb 20, 2010 @ 11:39pm
Oh, man... I hope you're alright, Wendy.

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