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No clue what to write about :D just whatever I feel like writing.
My school has a chapel hour once ever Thursday during school. (It's a christian school)
These are some of the best times at school, we can worship, and praise God without worrying about other students making fun of us, it's not against the school. We have freedom to worship. Today's message may have been the most important and personal one i have ever seen.. Our worship arts group (Who plan the chapels, have a band, and do small plays) did a skit today.. They sometimes do small ones, but I heard this is one that they had worked on for months.. I thought it would be something really cool and funny.

I creid throughout the entire thing. It was probably one of the most beautiful and true skits I have seen.. It has so much truth, it took me until after the chapel ended to stop crying. It just shows so much of how Jesus loves us..

I really want you guys to see this, even if you aren't christian.. The man in the robes represents Jesus, (Or you can say it's God) In the beginning of the skit he is giving life to the girl.. Then he begins to create the world, showing her that all of it is her own..

When the girl is pulled away from him by a boy, it is her relationship with that boy pulling her away from her faith..The boy suddenyleaves her.. abandons her.. As soon as she begins to walk back to God, her drunk friends pull her away.. They leave her a drunk mess and a man comes to her and steals her money, pushes her around, makes fun of her. (I may have gotten the last two out of order). After she is left crying, another girl walks up to her. The girl is beautiful. Everyone loves her.. She shows the hurt girl that being pretty means everything., that she needs to be skinny, that she isn't ' pretty' enough, So the girl begans to make herself sick to 'be pretty' As she finally gets up, a dark form walks to her, giving her drugs and a razor. The girl then begins to cut herself, falling back down as the being gives her a gun.. She looks to God, at the people surrounding him, blocking her.. She holds the gun to her head..
But then she throws it down, rushes back to God. The people try to pull her away as God rushes to her.. As the beings began to beat her, he moves between them, taking the beating. He holds them back and takes the pain as the girl cries.. Suddenly God Stands up, pushing every one of those people to the ground before embracing the girl and leading her back home...

This video is not the exact oe of ym school, but is the same skit. It's so true, how no matter what we do, no matter how worthless we think we are, he is there, waiting for us to come back, to take the beating and protect us then to lead us home.. Even if you don't believe in all of this, I'd like for you to see it.. If you don't like it, please dont leave a comment about that.. But if this meant something to you.. I'd like to know.

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