Random Journal Entry #8

I've typed this entry at least five different times!!! Grrrrr >> I just forgot to click the submit button sweatdrop

Anyways, I've decided since I change my avi at least twice a day >> << What? It's fun, and goes with my mood. My mood changes, so does my avi. ANYWAYS, I'm making a tektek for all my avis for the entry.

Like right now this is my current avi: User Image

Reason: I wanted something to match the mask, then I wanted a twilight feel to it. The shoes doesn't match..at all. But you can't really see them, so no big *shrugs*

Every time I change my avi while typing an entry, I shall put a tektek of it along with the reason why I changed it :3 That way, all of you can see my avi from before...and just cuz I felt like telling the reader what my avi looked like at the time ><

This week has been really awkward for me since my childhood crush now has a gf, and she's like perfect. I'm not jealous really, I already got over him..it's just really awkward. I mean, its my fault we never dated..not hers nor him. Besides, another one is just right around the corner-right? WRONG! I could date like six guys, but I don't like them whatsoever..yet they like me nonetheless. No idea why, but still..Lol one of them called me beautiful and I said "I'm not beautiful, I'm pretty and cute!" LOL I love my mind when it does s**t like that.

DUDE! (Dudette for those female readers) I had like 666k then spent it on dappy thingie like a dumbass! I could have spent it on the damn imaginary friend!! UGH I feel so stupid...oh wait I could just sell the dappy s**t. PERFECT! I am so smart 8D Aren't I reader? ^.~ There, all set for it. However, I'll have to ask mom for more gaia cash so I can buy the dappy while its still in the cash shop. That way, it's a win-win~! LOL I'm like so hyper yet I'm not its weird. See, I could be jumping around n all that jazz however I'm sitting perfectly still typing away. I'm like super hyper, but only in mind. Ooooooooo...*makes ghost noises* oooooooo

Tehe but yeah, mannnn this is like so boring. I'm like waiting for my reve to envolve fully, but it's still behind D: I can't submit my "me" avi until its fully evovled cuz I wanna used the eyes >> << What? Yeah I can't submit an avi just because I'm missing one item...Pffft w/e It needs that item razz

Ever listen to a lady gaga song, then dance like she would in the video? XD I just found myself dancing wrong to Starstruck LOL Funny how everyone hates her mostly, when really she's like EPIC. She wears WHATEVER she wants AND doesn't give a s**t what ppl think. She writes HER own songs, and performs her personal touch videos with them. Sure, she shows a bit too much skin..but she's not modest. Hell, if I was to wear a tank top I would pin it up just so it wouldn't show my "line". Btw, my "line" is code word for cleveage. Remember that reader, just in case I mention it again >> <<

Alright, gotta end it here cuz it's mom's turn...PEACE!