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Pokemon - Probably my next best thing to Gaia

I've been onto Pokemon since the old original series was aired on Kids WB, or whatever channel it was on at the time.
Been onto the games as well since they launched. I've owned at least one game per generation.

My first game was Yellow Version - cause I wanted Pikachu and the graphics were prettier. It was the game where I caught all 150 pokemon. The poke people in one of the cities gave me a certificate that I only ever saw once. It was retarded, but the accomplishment was cool.

My second game was Red Version - I got this not too long after Yellow version. My cousin had bought this one but he never got into it as much as I did, so he sold it to me for like 10 bucks. Excellent condition. He told me to take care of the game box and manual - this is when I first started taking care of my game boxes and collecting them, as well as the manuals. I always otherwise treated them like a little girl and her Barbie dolls (8D Cause I liked cutting their hair, and they somehow always ended up nekked). It was fun messing between yellow and red.

My third game was Silver Version - Cause Lugia's faking awesome!

My forth game was Crystal Version - Cause the graphics were supposed to be better D: And, the idea that you could choose to be a girl was for the first time implemented - which won me over. Oh, and the Pokemon now had animated graphics when you encountered them.

After that, I long ignored the Ruby Emerald and Sapphire versions. They seemed dumb at this point; it just felt like they were doing too much, or making too many versions to keep up with. Then one day for the hell of it, I picked up a Rom of Ruby version - I did care enough that I wanted to buy Ruby, just for it being my name, but I never got around to that. I really do still want one till this day. The rom was incredibly fun after I learned about having your own little private tree house/cave thing. Berry growing and stuff was fun and cute too. The only thing the Rom didn't let me do was this in-game event at the ocean. Not the Groudon thing. I caught it just fine, but closer to shore are these rocks that grow in a strange formation, and somethieng is supposed to happen there, but I could never get it to happen.

My fifth game was Fire Red. I adooored/loved/wasmostpleaaaased by this version. I loved especially that it was the old first gen with upgraded graphics. That was one thing I really did love about Ruby as well. The third gens did a good job with the graphics. The little reflective water puddles, the pastel green grass; even more, I really liked that they added new areas, like the islands you get to visit that have some of the newer 3rd gen pokemon. More story and game play time is loved.

My sixth game was Pearl. Funny that I owned it before I owned a DS. My old roommate, Mir bought it for me. Kinda forced it on me.
She's the one who's now gotten me into EV training - what this journal will be about. EV training was only introduced to me these past 2 weeks, when I got my seventh Pokemon game, Soul Silver.
This remake is Faking Incredible! If I could, I'd own a copy of Heart Gold as well, but my funds wont allow it right now. The BF was kindly enough to pre-order and buy me a copy of one of these. Since he has Heart Gold anyway, it's a set regardless...except that he's picky about his pokedex. He only has like 4 "caught" Pokemon; one at like lvl 54 ...and it's all he uses. I think he's at or past the Elite Four at the moment.
Since he's picky about not wanting to add more Pokemon to his Pokedex, I can't exactly use it to transfer Pokemon D:

--- EVs ---

Just today, a couple from another avatar site called Menewsha were kind enough to give me a pokemon infected with the Pokerus. A pokemon virus that you can catch just about as rarely as you can find a Shiny pokemon. It is legit and an in-game event that started with the second gens. You'll only know if you have an infected pokemon when it is in your party and it's status effect says "PKRS" in a purple panel (much like the Poison's status effect panel - Here's a screen I took with my phone earlier today: PKRS Status) The first time you take it to a pokemon center, the nurse will let you know about your infected pokemon.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Another screen I took with my phone.

The Pokerus is special for EV training because the infected pokemon will gain double the EV's you get from any pokemon you battle.

For those who do not know what EV's are - EV's are Effort Value points you get from any Pokemon you battle in-game (be it a wild Pokemon, or a trainer/gym-leader/elite4 Pokemon.) Your Pokemon will accumulate a total of 510 max. Any one stat however will be maxed out once it reaches a total of 255 EV points.
Basically, each Pokemon is good at something. Magikarp for instance in theory is good with speed. Battling a Magikarp will give the Pokemon you used to battle it 1 EV point for speed.
The more Speed EV points it accumulates, over time, as it levels up, you will notice that the number of points that it's speed increases by is now +1 more than the typical 1, 2 or 3 it otherwise used to go up by.

Different Pokemon species give different EV's, and the number of EV's that each species offer per battle is a set number from 1 through 3. The higher evolved pokemon usually give either 2 or 3 of whatever EV's they offer. For example, Geodude gives 1 EV for the Defense stat, Graveler gives 2 for Defense and Golem gives 3 EVs for Defense.

They don't always offer the same "type" of EV as their pre-evolutions either. Gyarados for instance offers 2 Attack EVs, while Magikarp offers 1 Speed EV.
There are charts out there on the net that show how many and what types of EVs each different pokemon gives - Yea people have bothered to put down all this information, and it is very useful if you really want to get into pokemon "training."
Here's one I use: Yay GameFaqs

Aside from the Pokerus, there are objects that pokemon that hold that will raise up their EV's for certain stats.
Here's a list of items, where to get them and what they do: Bulbapedia is Awesome

Next thing is Breeding. Finding the right natures, breeding pokemon with the right moves, etc. Different natures offer different strengths and weaknesses. You choose what nature you want for whatever kind of pokemon you wish to raise. Maybe you prefer Attack over Special Attack. Adamant nature will give you such states. Maybe you want attack but would rather sacrifice a different stat, like lets say special defense; then Naughty nature would be your choice.
Here's a good chart with a list of all the natures and their pros and cons: =] L i n k

Furthermore, bare in mind that TM moves that the father may currently hold in it's move set will be inherited by the egg if compatible.
Also, there are certain Pokemon that can be bred together, even though they may not be of the same species. For as long as they share at least one "egg group" - and that their couple make sense - you can breed them. Here is the list of different "egg groups" 8D Bulbapedia Again <3

IV's or Individual Stats are also inherited, but it that it differs from each generation.
Natures can also be inherited. If the mother holds an Everstone, chances are the baby will take on her nature. If a ditto is involved in the breeding, then it will be the Ditto's nature the baby takes on if it holds an Everstone.

Check back at the daycare every 256 steps to see if an egg has been created.
Each 256 steps creates a chance that the Pokemon mated. The result will be the first stage of the species of the mother Pokemon, and if the mother was a Ditto, then of course the Pokemon will be the same as the father.

I think I'll finish there. Much to do now D:
So I be off to infect some more Pokemon.

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