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A random story for school
Here's the start of a story that I'm writing.
Boring... but descriptive. Its for language arts in my school... Bleh.

It was daybreak and the clouds moved swiftly across the sky. It was a dreary setting and our car seemed to blend in with the dark background. The crickets chirped harshly in a discombobulating chorus. I prodded to our car in the unforgiving gusts of cold wind. Yukiko, my little sister, hugged against my father’s legs, begging him not to go on such a peculiar trip. “I think this is just plain stupid!” my sister pouted. My mother patted Scarlet’s head and comforted her. “Hush, baby girl, hush.” my mother hummed with angelic grace. With tiger’s speed and force, I strode forward, only to end up tripping right before entering the vehicle’s door. Aoko, my big sister, stomped into the car, giving my parents dirty looks with a series of furious glares. Yukiko fastened her seatbelt with a forlorn look of melancholy and depression on her face. My mother and father started the car, backing away from our house in Flint and beginning to drive away. I turned away from Yukiko and kept a fixed gaze on our house, which was substantially fading in the distance from the blurred vision of my glasses. I was suddenly interrupted while in the midst of a thought when my father boomed in an ostentatious manner, “Who wants to sing road-trip songs?”. After thinking it through, I raised my hand nonchalantly and my father smiled fervently. “One hundred bottles of fizz on the wall, fizz on the wall, take one down pass it around, ninety-nine bottles of fizz on the wall!” my mother and father sung with expressions of pure bliss. I assimilated this and soon I was feeling a sensation of annoyance. Their merriment and revelry went on until Yukiko spoke up hours later when the sun was rising into the sky and smoky clouds were traveling across it. “I’m starving!” Yukiko announced grumpily. My mother pulled over to an urban restaurant in Toledo that I had never seen before. I read the faded neon sign that hung above the diner that was labeled “Joe’s Diner”. We crept into the restaurant, inhaling the scent of barbecue ribs and hamburgers fresh off the grill. My stomach grumbled as we were seated. Menus were distributed to every member of our family and a peppy waitress approached us. “What would you like to order?” the waitress questioned happily. I thought for a moment and ordered, “I’ll take a double cheese burger with lettuce, onions, and hold the condiments. I think I’ll also have curly fries and a vanilla milkshake.”. The waitress jotted down my order and faced Yukiko. Immediately Yukiko uttered, “Barbeque ribs, onion rings on the side, and a soft drink.”. The waitress smiled gently at Aoko and asked, “What would you like?”. Aoko turned away and huffed, “I’m not hungry!”. The waitress stared at him, seeming both bewildered and flabbergasted at the same time. “Uhh… Okay then. What would you like to order madam?” the waitress asked, looking tall and gawky in the dim light. “Blackberry iced tea, a steak, and garlic bread.” my mother responded almost automatically.

To be continued...


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