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The Gate of Hidden Dreams Pass the gates of the chamber that leads to a mystical place, fate and destiny is within your grasp.

Nekumi Uruwashii
Community Member
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Name: Phantom Nightwing
Nickname (if any): Phan
Kind of being (human, animal, extraterrestrial, fairy-tale creature, etc.): Cambion (Half human/half incubus)
D.O.B.: N/A
Age: Over 500 years old
Sex: M [Succubus transformation-Female]
 Pale-skinned
 6'8"
 215lbs
 Raven black hair that runs straight and waves out at the bottom just below his waist.
 Eyes are a blue gray but turn silver when blood thirsty or lustful.
 Fingers are slightly elongated into talons, nails like black sheeted glass.
 Two black feathered wings protrude from his back.
 Two polished steel gray horns curve in toward his skull.
 Below his knees, his calves are that of a goats, its fur a pearly smokey gray.
 Slender yet muscular.
Significant other: N/A
Favorite color(s): Dark Blue, Black, Purple, Grey
Favorite article of clothing: N/A
Occupation (if applicable):A different kind of Grim Reaper- Feeds off of the soul of his victims to sustain his eternal life and creates offspring with donored male sperm
Family members: Salem(Father/Mother) unknown human mother.
Pets: N/A

Way of speaking: Old English (Has a British accent)
Hobbies: N/A
Talents: Seduction
Relationships (how he/she is with other people): Stay away from him
Loves: ....children?
Hates: All
Goals: N/A
Fashion style: Shirtless, thick blue pants, Cuffed shirts, English Dress
Theme song: [Evil Angel]


Breaking Benjamin-Evil Angel

Hold it together, birds of a feather,
Nothing but lies and crooked wings.
I have the answer, spreading the cancer,
You are the faith inside me.

No, don't
Leave me to die here,
Help me survive here.
Alone, don't remember, remember.

Put me to sleep evil angel.
Open your wings evil angel.


I'm a believer,
Nothing could be worse,
All these imaginary friends.
Hiding betrayal,
Driving the nail,
Hoping to find a savior.

No, don't
Leave me to die here,
Help me survive here.
Alone, don't
Surrender, surrender.


Fly over me evil angel.
Why can't I breathe evil angel?


Fly over me evil angel.
Why can't I breathe evil angel?

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