I had a hard day at work today. I get out of work just to do more work. I noticed my house was offly messy so I had to clean that. Since I was cleaning I thought clean the refrigerator as well. So I clean that out and went to buy new groceries. So I don't have my car the engine is busted so it's at a repairs, I walked over 8 miles to get to the freaking store. I can back holding all those bags and put them away. After that I noticed my dogs wanted to play 'Yay mommy cleaned let's break something!' So they did, they broke my vase, glass was everywhere. So I clean that up. I was so tired I was on the verge of falling... Which is what happened. I slipped and landed on the side of my ankle. I went to the hospital to find out it's completely broken. It hurts so badly right now. I laying down typing and it still hurts! I'm just so happy though... That my house is fully clean... Well for now.