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kalo's journal
Demonia Rae Raziel
xxxDemonia xRaexRazielxxx. . . •

"What doesn't kill me... is just another threat."

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Y o u ' r e x O n xa x N e e d x t o x K n o w x B a s i s

...• My birth name may be up there, but you'd best call me
xxxxxxxx(Demi )

...• You'd be best to ask for this name when I'm working
xxxxxxxx(Raziel or Dragon Lady )

...• Can't you tell? I'm
xxxxxxxx(Female )

...• I used to love when people guessed my age, now, not so much...
xxxxxxxx(I am 22 years old.)

...• I stand at
xxxxxxxx(I am 5'4. )

...• I carry around
xxxxxxxx(115 pounds of hardcore.)

...• I'm a monster sweetheart, you'd best get used to it
xxxxxxxx(I am Half Dragon, mainly human in appearance. You know the drill. Parents meet, ensuing inter-species romance and nine months later a little bundle of scales and teeth. I'm a bit different from a normal dragon, no shifting forms, no breathing fire. I can,however, conjure heat, enough to start a fire or keep warm in the winter. I'm about as strong as an above average human male.)

...• If you must know, I play for the
xxxxxxxx(Straight team. )

...• I run with the
xxxxxxxx( Foxes.)

...• I tend to be a
xxxxxxxx( Fox 2. )

...• When I sleep I dream of
xxxxxxxx( Waking up and surviving another day in this violent existence.)

...• I can't help it
xxxxxxxx( I naturally hate those Dagger scum. They've abused me my whole life for being abnormal and I'm ready to teach them the meaning of pain. I'm an extremely loyal ally if you can get me on your good side.)

...• The one who pulls the strings
xxxxxxxx(Kalorian3 )

"What doesn't kill me...is just another threat."

N o w x Y o u x K n o w x . . .

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