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kalo's journal
Tegan Stryder
Some of the Basics First:
Full Name -- Tegan Rae Stryder
Meaning of Name -- Of doe-like beauty
Nickname -- Teeg
Birth Date -- N/a
Astrological Sign and Details -- Libra
Birth Place -- Tellik City, Underground
Age -- 18
Nationality -- Undergroundian
Race -- Coreian
Hair Color -- Crimson
Hair Style -- Smooth on top and back, very long. Around her face little bunches of dread locks fall.
Shape and Features of Face -- slim, feminine face. a small curving scar under one eye.
Glasses or Contacts -- n/a
Eye Color -- Icy blue
Skin Tone -- Pale
Scars or Distinguishing Marks -- small scar under one eye (side not important)
Disabilities -- n/a
Build or Body Type -- Slim, subtly muscular.
Height -- 5'4
Weight -- 110 pounds
Speech Patterns -- n/a
Tag Words -- n/a
Gestures -- n/a
Weakness -- fear
Special Abilities or Powers -- Visiocyie, targeting ability.

Family and Childhood:
Mother -- Cynthia Stryder
Father -- Roberto Stryder
Mother's Occupation -- Rich b***h of Tellik
Father's Occupation -- Rich pimp of Tellik
Family Finances -- Very wealthy
Birth Order -- N/a
Brothers -- none
Sisters -- none
Other Close Family -- n/a
Best Friend -- Rolley
Other Friends -- Zeke
Enemies -- n/a
Pets -- n/a
Home Life During Childhood -- Very sheltered
Town or City Name(s) -- Tellik
Details of Town(s) or City(s) -- Underground, over 200,000 Coreians.
What Did His or Her Bedroom Look Like -- a suite of many room.
Any Sports or Clubs -- none
Favorite Toy or Game -- n/a
Schooling -- "Under" school for noble families
Favorite Subject -- Anatomy and physiology, learning of the bodies weaknesses will aid her in the future.
Popular or Loner -- Loner
Important Experiences or Events -- Invasion of Tellik
Health Problems -- none
Culture -- Undergroundian influences
Religion and beliefs -- none

Your Character's Character:
Bad Habits -- Nervous, shy.
Good Habits -- very helpful, caring.
Best Characteristic -- strong mind, strong body.
Worst Characteristic -- Shy
Worst Memory -- n/a
Best Memory -- n/a
Proud of -- her speed and agility
Embarrassed by --
Driving Style -- insanity!
Strong Points --
Temperament -- varies, ranges from level headed to panic.
Attitude --
Weakness --
Fears --
Phobias --
Secrets --
Regrets --
Feels Vulnerable When --
Pet Peeves --
Conflicts --
Motivation --
Short Term Goals and Hopes --
Long Term Goals and Hopes --
Sexuality -- straight
Exercise Routine -- whenever it happens.
Day or Night Person -- night.
Introvert or Extrovert -- introvert.
Optimist or Pessimist -- optimist.

Likes and Styles:
Music -- Cyber, futuristic.
Books -- fantasy.
Magazines -- what is this "magazine?" lol
Foods -- anything
Drinks -- bubble tea!
Animals -- felines
Sports -- n/a
Social Issues -- shy
Favorite Saying -- n/a
Color -- blue
Clothing -- skimpy!
Jewelry -- lots of piercings
Games --
Websites --
TV Shows --
Movies --
Greatest Want --
Greatest Need --
User Image <--Proper hair style!
Outfit/Ect, Ref Sheet

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

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