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I thought this was America.
[********. English. Dubs.
This is like the stupidest thing to rant about, EVAR. D:< But I'm gonna do it anyway.
Okay, so my friend and I are sitting there watching DBZKai on Nicktoons at like one in the morning, right? And the marathon decides to end on episode eleven, which is just unheard of. So we get up and turn the computer on, go to Animefreak, and watch episode twelve in the English dub (because what's the fun in hearing the best line ever in Japanese?). Everything is all FINE AND DANDY when the moment of awesome comes upon us. She grabs my leg. I squeal. What happens next is... Gah.
Nappa: VEGETA! What does the scouter say about his power level!?
Vegeta: It's over eight thousand.
Now I'm sure you can see several things wrong with this.
First off, eight thousand. Yeah. That's like, one thousand lower than nine thousand. What the ********, how is that intimidating?
Secondly, Vegeta doesn't even scream. He just says it.
Seriously. I don't get this.
Maybe I'm only angry because I'm tried.
Don't take this seriously.

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