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I thought this was America.
So I went to see Tron: Legacy over the weekend.
It was... Good. I liked the special effects and, in comparison to the original Tron movie, it was absolutely fantastic. Aaaaand of course I took my besty Kim with me (we do everything together because I have no other friends :c). Afterwards, I was like, "AWWW YEAH NINJAS!" and she was just like, "That explained nothing."
So I'm making her watch the original movie.
I do think that T:L could have backtracked a little more in the beginning, when Kevin was telling Sam about The Grid. It didn't exactly seem lazy, just a little careless. I've seen both Tron movies, yeah, but the kids who haven't might be a little confused. True, they could just go watch the 1982 movie... But... Whatever.
Anyway, my point is, it was a good movie, even if your reaction is:
"Well, I have no idea what's going on, but there's glowy things and rave music so I'm O.K. with it!"
Oh yeah, props to Kosinski for getting Daft Punk to make the soundtrack. And putting them in the movie. [******** yeah. Maybe now they're start Hans Zimmering movies. Not sure whether that's good or bad yet.

TL;DR - Get out and see Tron: Legacy. It's worth the money.

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