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My Book of Fantasy - Just stuff I like to do for fantasy and fiction...OCs, story ideas and short stories.

Sir Fluff-n-Stuff
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The tale of two elves Chapter 1 - "What was Lost"
The stars twinkled as if they knew his presence, and even the moon beamed down on him as if it too knew him. Of course, they were the only things he could not hide from in this dead of night. The only ones he is concerned about are the guards patrolling the outer castle. They however, were no match for his cunning, his reflexes...and for what he is widely known for...his stealth. Yes, he was an assassin, cloaked in black. His garment and hood were black, his special made obsidian twin daggers were made of black...and his eyes...were the only things that would give him away...his cold, blood red eyes that could pierce fear into any enemy. Of course...they were covered in a blindfold...however he could still 'see.' Unlike other elves who became harmonized with nature or the elements, he practiced in forbidden magic that were long gone in the hands of ancients...and this was the main reason he now is an outcast from his own kin. The magic he uses, known as Libra, allows him to 'see' without the need of using his true eyes. He can see through his closed eyes, see what is hidden and other things that normal eyes cannot perceive...he can even see where all the guards stood, through his blindfolds and the darkness around him. Nonetheless, he would have preferred to use his own eyes...for the blindfold chafes his face.

Who is he? No one knows, for he threw out his own name, which was past forgotten, in exchange for this new life...but all those who knows him calls him...Black. He is not widely known, which he is glad for that, but strike fear and respect into the hearts of those that knows of him. However, he is not that brutally intimidating as everyone credits him for. He is pretty much laid back and easy-going, contradicting other dark elves, and prefer to hang out in bars and cabins...but right now he is on a mission. This mission is quite different from his others...which he does find somewhat refreshing. Usually it is steal that, kill this and so on...however, this time it was more of a kidnapping. Even though other assassins may not even consider thinking about it, and will frown down upon him doing this act, he wanted a challenge. What would make this a challenge? Well his target, is an Elven princess, who must belong to a wealthy royal family, judging from the size of the castle in front of him. He not only found the reward...well, rewarding...he also thought it would be fun if he can test his own ability in the art of stealth. He even laughed at the thought of trying to sneak out a screaming princess through a well guarded fortress.

Like always, he completely ignored the dire consequences that could follow suit, and jumped in to the mission..he was far too excited anyway. He laid hidden, blanketed by the shadows of the forest, and waited for the opportunity. As soon as the guard in front of him veered around the corner and out of sight, he crept as fast as he could toward the wall of the keep and aimed his crossbow armed with a grappling hook, and fired on the upper wall. He pulled on the rope to make sure the hook was secured, and quickly scaled the wall until he was on top. Detaching the hook from, and fastening the bow onto his back, he crouched and surveyed the area with his Libra. There were were two guards posted on the keeps entrance, and four guards patrolling around just outside the castle walls. Another two were on the curtain walls where he was on, one on the far side and one heading toward his spot from the left. Lucky for him he spotted a wagon with hay, which coincidentally was placed just below him. He hopped over the curtain wall edge and found himself hidden under hay.

"Hmm...where oh where can my little princess be?" he hummed to himself quietly. Looking around, he finally spotted the tallest tower in the castle...and on top...his princess. Starting from the bottom most level of the tower and going up, he noticed there were guards on each floor, be it they quite scarce and scattered. There were also a few guards roaming around the courtyard, and a few lazying about in another area.

"My my...now how shall I approach the princess?" he thought to himself as he let out an exhale of breath. After pausing while pondering for a bit, he figured out a plan, and quickly and yet quietly, hopped out of the wagon and dashed forth toward the tower...
Moments later..."Eureka!" he screamed in his head as he pulled himself up half way into the window atop the tower, "just gotta love living in this fantasy short!" He looked around behind him and watched the guards patrolling their merry way, happy to have skipped through the space and time passing through all those guards. For this is a short story, fictional and fantasy— just about anything could happen! But mainly because this writer is not very good and all so very lazy, and Black thanks him for that.

Peering into the dark room, he spotted a drawer, a mirror, a big closet...and a bed, complete with a b-e-a-utiful princess just peacefully sleeping, oblivious to the assassin hanging out her window.

There was a guard posted at the door, so he would have to be quick to get to her and silence her before she lets out a scream. So as to not hesitate any longer, he pulled himself up through the window, and quickly without making a single noise, rushed toward the princess...but as soon as he reached the bed, he was blinded by a light which he could not foresee.

Crap... he thought, did I get caught?

He hadn't notice he had stopped breathing as he was waiting for something to happen— a scream...guards piercing him with blades...

Thoughts came rushing into his head...am I to die here? Even worse...will my reputation be ruined?

What's happening...I should really open my eyes and see...

After realizing not one blade piercing his flesh, not one scream yowling into the air...and only the silence around him, he slowly opened his eyes, only seeing the princess staring back at him with her hand still clutched on the switch of the lampshade. How strange a situation this is for Black...and how awkward it was as the two were staring into each others' eyes in cold silence.

Still quite bewildered about the position he was in right now, he asked quietly, "U-ummm are you not scared? Are you not gonna scream?" The princess, while still sitting up in her bed with her blanket still covering half her body and her arm still reached out toward the lamp, slowly shook her head.

"That's a good girl...D-do you know why I am here?"

The princess spoke with a quiet voice, "To kill me?"

"N-no no no no," he replied flabbergasted "I-I only came here to kidnap you! This is a kidnapping, not an assassination I'm afraid..."

After a moment's pause, and when he thought there couldn't be any more surprises, the princess slowly retracted her arm from the lamp as she replied with him an 'ok,' and pulled away her blanket, and slowly started getting off the bed— "W-wait!" Black spoke out quickly, as he stopped the princess, midway of the process, "W-what are you doing?"

The princess looked into his eyes, somehow through the blindfold, and spoke softly, "I'm...coming with you. You, are kidnapping me, yes?"

Are you kidding me? Black was quite surprised that the princess was willing to let a stranger who just happens to be an assassin— kidnap her, that he hadn't notice that his hands were on her and how close he was to her. Her body was petite...and felt very...soft...and somehow, he could feel her body's curves. As his eyes were rested upon her bosom that was peering out through her gown, he had just noticed the princess staring back at him as he was...quite perversely enjoying what he was eying...he snapped back his arms quickly and moved back faster than what he thought he could do, and involuntarily winced as if he was prepared to get slapped...but did not meet that end.

The princess...apparently wasn't too fazed by his perverted actions, and kept sitting there quietly staring at him as if she was waiting for a command. The hell...?

Black stood there, looking back at her when something nudged inside his head...doesn't she...look familiar?

No it can't be...

But...her presence...feels just like hers...

Impossible! That was from a long time ago...besides...wouldn't she have forgotten me after all this time?

He had to know...he had to scratch this itch...slowly he pulled down his hood, reached behind him and untied his blindfold, and slowly...slowly...removed the blindfold off his face and clearly saw the princess with his own two eyes. Her hair, were as white as snow, and her skin pale as the white moon...and her body seem to radiate this sort of light...what...undeniable beauty...can she...really be her?

She had the white her just as her...the shining pale skin...just like hers...and as to confirm his suspicions...the princess spoke out the thing he thought he had lost forever...

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User Comments: [2]
Community Member

Sun Aug 15, 2010 @ 09:49am

And I comment. =p

Much love! =o! What's the girl's name? =]

Sir Fluff-n-Stuff
Community Member

Sun Aug 15, 2010 @ 10:27am

You shall find out next part!

User Comments: [2]
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