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My Book of Fantasy - Just stuff I like to do for fantasy and fiction...OCs, story ideas and short stories.

Sir Fluff-n-Stuff
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The tale of two elves Chapter 3 - "His Heart"
In a place, secluded by vast valleys of trees and mountain, an intense energy of rage boiled in the center of it all, and up in the blue sky, the sun hid behind the clouds as if it felt his anger. The culprit? An elven prince, pacing back and forth on the balcony of his massive mansion. How? How could this have happened? He was not having a good day, after having receiving the news as soon as he got up this morning. “What are those men doing!?!”

He cursed once more, and leaned on the balcony's rail. His yellow angered eyes staring into the mountains ahead of him, and his long blonde hair swaying in the wind. As he was contemplating with his thoughts silently, a knock sounded from the door. “Enter” he ordered. Not a second longer, the door swung open, and an elf man in a medieval guard garment entered the room.

Still frustrated, “More unpleasant news for my ears to hear?”

“W-well...” the guardsman started nervously, “the men you ordered to look for them have went out and the carriage you've asked for is prepared, sir!”

The prince lingered there for a moment, and “Fine, I shall come down this instant...now out of my sight with you!”

The guard quickly saluted and scuttled off, and the prince turned once again toward the valley.

“Whoever you are...where ever you are...I...will..find you,” he whispered out, as if hoping the mysterious kidnapper would hear him. After lingering a bit more, he turned and headed for the castle.


Dûrion sneezed under his hood. “Someone must be talking about me...” he mumbled under his breath, as he made it through the crowd. They had finally reached a town, which was quite large. The stores packed with people, and the streets bustling with even more people. He was quickly looking for the clothing shop to disguise the princess, because he was sure she'll stand out from the crowd. Frantically looking around, peeking through under his hood, searched for what he came here to find...he did not want to keep the princess waiting out alone in the forest.
As he was pushing through the crowd, he thought of what the princess should wear. Maybe one of those blouses he had seen before, the ones woven by dwarfs, he had heard good rating about them. However, he was quite strapped on cash. So the only place he could probably find the best deal...was at the district located on the other far end of the town...the poverty stricken district...where the humans dwell. Also, he'd have to do something about her hair.


He finally cleared the crowded area, and entered the alley leading deeper into the human district. The place was less crowded, of course, scarce of elves. Every so often he would spot a few pitiful humans sleeping or possibly even out cold lying on the streets, and some begging others for things. Indeed, he felt pity for them, but he had more important matters in mind.
After walking a while, he saw something interesting. He approached the structure he spotted. The thing that caught his eye, was a sign saying, “Looking for a change of life? Want to look like a million galeons? Or running away with from someone and need a change of looks? Well whatever the case, come on in and we'll meet whatever needs you need!” Intrigued by the notice, he casually entered the building. The wooden walls, desks and the floor were dirty, as if no one even cared to clean. It was quite small, the room he entered, and saw a door at the other end, and assumed it lead to the rest of the building. “Wut kin aye do for ye?” he heard. He turned and saw a man behind a counter, who's head was bare of any hair, and who seems to missing quite a number of teeth.

“I well, um...saw the sign up on front and was wondering what exactly is this about?” Dûrion asked.

“Well, glad ye es intrestd! Havn't had a customer for a while now.”

“Oh really? So um...what do you do?”

“Why, change yer looks, dats wut”

“Change the way one looks? Magic? I've never heard of any human being able to do magic! I thought they were inept at magic?”

The man lifted a brow, “Majic? Wat nonsense, we preferm plasteek surgery on ye!”



“What in Arya's name is that”?

“Err...we slice, en dice, and muv yer sken around...and ye end up looking defferent!”

Horrified he replied, “Good lord! You mean...mutilate? Why on Gaia would anyone want to that?”

“I 'unno, da famus folks does it.”

“What 'famous folks'?”

“I 'unno.”

Repulsed by the idea of this idea, Dûrion turned around and bolted out of the building, regretting ever coming in here. He did not want the princess to go through something so horrific. The black elf stood there and let out a sigh, and was disappointed on not making any real progress. He was just about to continue the search for a shop in this place, when out of the corner of his eye he spotted three armored men, with familiar patterns on their uniforms. Quickly, he dove on the side of the building, into an alley way.

Crap are they fast! He thought. Hiding in the shadows, he watched as the men split up, one heading into the building near them, another the opposite direction of where he hid and the last one heading straight for him. Worried about Claara, he sneaked away from the man coming toward him, and at the other end of the alley. Once he cleared the alley, he found himself in front of a building...which coincidentally was a clothing shop he was looking for. Not seeing any more armored men nearby, he rushed into the building, closing the door softly behind him. He looked around, and saw clothes, shoes and other garments all over the place— hung on poles, shoved onto shelves, and even some laying on the floor. There was just one girl on the counter, wearing ragged and ripped clothing, with some strange strings attacked to her ears. What knowledge he knew about humans, he deducted that she was in her late 'teens,' a term he remembered from a long time ago during history class.

He walked around, browsing for something fitting for Claara, and stopped, spotting something he liked. It seemed to be the only complete outfit that would fit her. It was simply made of a leather brown vest over a cotton shirt, and a brown skirt to match. He picked it up, and and walked to the girl in the shop and placed the outfit on the counter, and asked, “How much?”

The girl did nothing, she was bobbing her head while holding something strange in her hand, and heard noise coming from her ears.

Clearing his throat, “E-excuse me? How much do I pay you?” he said in a much louder voice...and still no reply. Getting slightly impatient, he prodded at the girl's shoulder, which caught her attention, and she looked up at him, pulling out the string from her ear and said, “Yes?”

“How much for this outfit”?

Quickly glancing at the outfit, she replied “twenty five galeons.”

He placed his hand in his pockets, and pulled out a pile of coins and placed them on the counter and started counting up twenty five galeons. Spotting the object in her hand more closely, he asked, “What, is that thing in your hand?”

“An iBone.”

“A what?”

The girl looked at him with a are-you-serious look on her face, “A music player.”

“A magic device to play music with no sight of instruments?”

The girl rolled her eyes, and grabbed the galeons in his out-reached hands. What attitude this girl has, and not one he does not like, so in anger, he grabbed his dagger and lunged it in her slender, swan-like nec— “I'm NOT gonna kill her!” Dûrion screamed. The girl froze, and looked at him like he was some crazy person.

“...sorry not you.” he said, as he grabbed the outfit and rushed to the door...but, nefore he could even reach it, it opened and entered in one of the men he saw. He was about to turn away, when he realized and they had never seen his face before, so he continued to the door, moving around the man as he passed by. Dûrion thought he was just about to reach the outside when, “Hey, you there!” Without turning around, he stopped and replied, “Yes?”

“Have you spotted an elf around here? Female, pale skin, and white hair?”

“An Elf?” he replied, “What ever do you mean an elf? I never knew you elves would visit a place such as this.”

“There is no need for your rudeness human, this is a search mission from the Prince himself and I will not tolerate this kind of behavior toward his ilk!”

“My apologize to the prince, and no, I've seen no elf you speak of.”

The armored elf paused, and then said, “Well then, off with you, we are done here.”

“Good, not like I want to be near the likes of you.” Dûrion replied. Thanking his dumb-luck, he bolted out the store. Not turning back, he walked away from the store and headed left, hoping he wasn't being followed. He sped up his pace, and remembered about her hair. Looking around, he luckily found a small vendor setup on the side of the road, and spotted a black ink bottle.

“Excuse me sir, is that hair dye?”

The man looked and paused at the bottle, and answered, “uhh..yea, yea it is!”

“How much for it?”

“5 galeons!”

The black elf paid the due, took the bottle, and headed for the princess.


The black elf stumbled into the forest, not having been watching where he was going. He made it through a small clearing, remembering where he had left the princess, and spotted her dozing off on the bottom of a tree. Claara looked peaceful and serene sleeping, and he did not wish to wake her, but knowing the guardsman are here, they must make haste. So he nudged the princess on the shoulder, “Prin— Claara, wake up.” The sleeping beauty laying upon the earthen floor, twitched, then slowly opened up her eyes.

“Sorry to keep you waiting,” Dûrion spoke.

“Mmm,” she replied as she started getting up.

“Here, I've your outfit and something to change your hair color.” he said as he handed her the clothes and hair dye. The princess placed them on the ground, and started to take her clothes off...”H-hey wait a minute!” Dûrion interrupted, as he took hold of Claara, “what are you doing?” Claara looked at Dûrion for a while, and said “changing.”

Cupping his nose with one of his hands and holding up her gown at the same time, he replies “D-do it behind some coverage! Where I can't see you!” The princess nodded, and took the clothes and ink bottle and went behind a large tree nearby.

Dûrion turned around to look out for anyone coming nearby. He wouldn't actually mind her undressing in front of him, but he did not want someone else who would just happen to be pass by and see her while she changed. She was a princess...and his childhood friend after all, who've he had never, seen in a very long time, and his mind started to wonder off into a little bit of his past. He remembered her smiling a lot, even when she made mistakes, which he found charming and amusing about her. He remembered how she was a warm, kind child. Claara liked animals, and every day she'd bring in an animal she found hurt or abandoned. He liked when she brought them over to his house, because they'd take care of it together...and remembering the times when they were together, rekindled that spark that had been fading away from his heart. He was even more madly in love with her than ever before.

After what seemed a while, he heard some rustling, and footsteps. He turned around, and saw Claara walking toward him, with black hair and the outfit he had brought her, with black inkblots all over it. There was even more black stains on her face, as she looked like she had some trouble dying her hair. He just had to tell her, tell her how he felt...maybe...maybe she felt the same way. With not being able to hear anything other than his fast throbbing heart and overwhelmed with some strong emotion, he took hold of Claara's hand, and as she looked at him with some confusion, he spoke with some difficulty, “Claara I...I....”


“I...love you.”
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