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Title: Satoru's Difficult Love
Chapter one(unfinished):
To Satoru that's the way the letter was written. I was shocked first of all to see I had got a letter and second of all from someone I don't know. I picked up the thick envelop that looked like some kind of crime scene information. I was curious about many things at that point I wanted to know everything and my desire for what was in the envelope grew. I quickly flipped it over and it was that single day of my life that had changed me and somehow the universe.

As I walked home I thought, "Why me? Why do my friends for some reason have to ditch me! Well, I mean the people I thought were my friends." I trail off though and sigh my warm breath showing in the cold and crisp air. My limp, tired, and shaking body screams at me for rest it can't have, yet. I'm walking down a strangely deserted street it's about 3pm. and I just got out of school for the day. Tired, I stray down the street attempting to get home, without passing out.

Its fall and to be precise its Halloween. To bad no one is here to say "Happy Halloween Satoru." I'm alone and by alone I mean I don't have friends the only thing I have, my 'family'. My terrible adoptive parents and my blood sister, although she seems to pester me to often for comfort.

I'm now at the age of fourteen in my small and not so unique life. The only thing 'special' about me is the fact that I can trick any one with my acting skills. Or out act them if I want to. Oh and I also have a strong ability to see ghosts and people who have already lived once. I seem to always be yelled at for a few things like bad grades, not paying attention or being to loud.

While thinking to myself and wandering down the street I hear an odd sound in the bushes to my right. Wondering what it is I look over and just think, "It must have just been the wind," and continue walking. That is until I notice the bushes seem to be moving right next to me. Not just right next to me they were rustling right next to me and it followed me all the way down the street. I turn as soon as I notice this and shout "W-WHO'S THERE?"

Feeling like a fool, I blush and start to walk again only to whip to the right when a boy comes out of the bushes and runs at me. I don't know why I didn't run or scream or even move I just stood there and let him run up to me, pick me up and jump about on hundred feet in the air. As soon as I realized what had just happened I had my arms wrapped around his neck and I was clinging onto him for dear life. He was cold but he looked like he was doing all of this for a reason so I sat tight and let him take me away.

As soon as we got in the air a strange orange portal you'd only see in movies appeared. The portal-like thing was bigger where we were and seemed to go on for miles and miles. Not hesitating, the boy stepped through the portal it was like gravity was switched off he held my hand and guided me through the air.

My mind was going crazy I had no full thoughts in my head anymore. I followed him easily, but still confused about everything. What's going on? My mind was blank and I had no clue what to do.

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