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Pedro the Unicorn Story
.Written by, Satoru_Inari_san/Chloe Smith

Pedro unknown to others was lonely and he thought that if he was sad and lonely no one else should be happy with their significant other. Pedro killed many couples and every time he killed a couple he felt more alone, because now one less person could love him. One day he came upon a man and his wife, they asked him why he killed so many couples so he explained himself. The man and woman had several children but their most recent was a small healthy and obedient child two years of age. Feeling sorry for Pedro they gave their child to him as an offering.

"This child will live with you from now on. We hope you live happily with our child that is now yours.", the woman said happily. Without a second to think about taking in the child the mother carefully placed the child on Pedro's sturdy back. Pedro was exceptionally happy. After that day Pedro raised the child and named her Leora. Pedro occasionally went back to visit the kind family. When the child had reached it's teens Pedro let the child explore more. One day Pedro wanted to surprise the child with a bouquet of rare flowers for her birthday the next day, so her let her wonder on her own.

Unknown to the humans, Pedro had stopped killing human couples, but a fake killer went around killing couples and blaming Pedro. Pedro already known for his killings and not for his innocence was an easy target. After the deaths piled up Pedro was in serious trouble without knowing it. As soon as he was seen flying over the skies of villages people noticed him right away and watched him. As hate filled their eyes they went to kill him. Them grabbed pitch forks and many other very dangerous weapons and went after him with a strong need for his life.

Happy to be at the field of rare flowers Pedro landed scooping up enough flowers to make a bouquet. He quickly turned his head seeing something close by it was a huge group of angry humans. Confused about what they're mad at Pedro approached them calmly. "Excuse me," was all he could say before he was struck in the head and killed mercilessly. A few weeks after Pedro's death the family, that gave Leora to Pedro was notified, shocked and saddened by the news the family set out to find Leora only to find her sobbing over her Father's battered body. She was broken. Pedro was all she had and all she wanted, he was her only family and now he was gone.

"WHY?" she screamed her throat aching and making her voice sound hoarse, violent and shaky. "He was my only family!", she cried out and continued to cry for hours before the man and woman could calm her.

After that Leora was notified that Pedro had adopted her and that he was a serial killer. Even after all of this being said Leora loved him dearly she knew that he had a harsh life and they were the only thing each other had. Leora stayed at her "real" or "birth" family's house for the night. She didn't eat, didn't talk she didn't do anything. She only thought of what was next and she also thought of her past. After staying at her "real"/"birth" family's house she had decided to go on journey. Nothing like a normal journey, this would be an adventure she had never gone on before.

The next morning Leora's parents went to check on her only to find her bed made and a note explaining how she was happy to know such nice people, but they were not her true family and she wanted to be with her "only" family. They didn't understand, but knew she would leave eventually, so they accepted her leaving. Little did they know she was going to leave her planet, so she could be in the after life with her father.

In the field of flowers Leora sang Pedro's favorite song as she sat next to Pedro's decaying corpse. She stroked his mane, the way he like, while he was still alive. As Leora pulled out her blade memories both sad and happy flashed through her head. As Leora placed the knife to the soft flesh of her wrist she caught her reflection in the knife. Her once beautiful blue eyes were red from crying and her hair soft brown hair was now tangled and dry. Tears threatened to flood her eyes, so she finished her life. A shock wave of pain and dizziness shot through her body as she went limp and fell against her fathers corpse. Leora and her father Pedro were now... both dead.

Leora sat up in a field of flowers was she in the after life? Pedro nuzzled her cheek. Finally... They were together again. She hugged her father tightly and sobbed happily. A family separated and brought back together with love. The love Pedro once did not have, the love of an odd family brought together by sadness. After their tough, but happy lives they were finally able to rest at ease. This was both the beginning and end of both of their lives.

The End

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