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More of my poems
Same as the last Entry for my poems .... here they are

misery &pain is like a ocean
the ocean is joy and happyness
while im in the middle
of that ocean
misery and pain surrounding me
circling me .... waiting
waiting.. for the right moment
i can swim adn escape
but they will jus follow me and attack
i've been waiting my whole life
but i cant leave
im stuck here...
i guess ....Forever?

Murders &
haha----> cereal killers kill
dont always asume the worst
just think
"whats going through their minds ?"
dont always think they had something against
that victim
the murder mus be feeling pain and misery
exactly how i feel
and the killer doesnt know how to control it
but i do..

For someone special ^^

Love is something differnet to me
its hard for me to explain
but,when i see him
i want to hold him
never let go
when im with him
you would have no idea
how i feel
when i see other girls flirt
or see him get hurt
i want to cry
sometimes i feel like..
i want to die.
i can hardly bare
to see it.
But when i get hurt and he hugs me tight
its like i never got hurt
i dont feel pain
all i feel is
his embrace and warmness from him..
But most of all...
HIS love from HIM to ME..=(^.^)=

okay this next one was dedicated to my auntie who passed away.. it broke my heart so i wrote this poem.. it made my sister cry while she read this.

When you left me
and went to another place
I couldnt help but cry
But when yuh left
and i cried
i just kept thinking
"why ? why did she have to grow her wings so early?"
but my sister told me
Keep your head up high
She is watching over you
and she is YOUR guardien Angel...
I couldnt help but to cry again
Because i couldnt get to hear her sweet voice
her warm hugs, and her to hold me when i cry and tell
me everything is alright
i just wish i got to see her ONE last time
i wouldnt feel so much sadness how i do right now
but i have to stay happy... she wants ,e to continue and
live my life ... But why?
Why did yuh take her away ...from me?!?!?!?!?!?! sad

*sniffles" im srry it still brings me tears in my eyes reading it, but here is the last poem, i wrote it today in class

5"I dont know"
When i hug&talk
i fee happy (:
I love to feel his embrace on me
ilove him and always will...
No matter what what happens
we are best friends
but to me i want to be more
im scared to know how he feels...
Does he feel the same? or no...
"fear is the heart of love"
When i say this ... sit and think
i've told him this he understands
but should i tell him the way i feel?
maybe so... maybe not
but it doesnt matter
i just have to keep my head up high...
hide my feelings until the right moment
then tell him...
but for now... just smile and forget it
keep it in the back of my mind

Thank yuh for reading my poems! i will absoultley write more poems,
TO BE CONTINUED Haha hope yuh liked them.. i'll post more later... okay?
Bai Bai <3

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