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wishes and crayons
just what ever, bs i guess. hah.. rhyme
another class writing, home poem
Filthy, Fearless, Free.

Damp moist soil dirties my feet as
I trample through the slick grass,
matting down a path. Clean rain and
earthy aroma fills my breath. Acrid
air, tasting of the humid briny
lake not far from here, fills my mouth
and lungs as I race toward the porch
for the third time.

Long luscious lackadaisical grass slopes
slightly to the wooden fence, my trail
visible from continuous treading.

Fringed, fierce, falling rain
pelts my roof and windows, descending
rapidly from the blackened heavens,
spattering my cheeks like icy tears.
Pinging against the rippled pool water.

Plundering through the long grass,
my loud heart beats against
my ribs like a caged bird,
desperate to break free.
Lashing winds toss my soaked hair,
and my wispy breath flows
in heavy tendrils and dissipates
as my legs and body push forward,
keeping balance as I round the pool.

Lungs burning from constricting air,
and my feet bare and cold in the
numbing sky tears.
I ran too hard to notice anything
outside my space. My yard.

Running from build up frustration
for being put in time out,
sentenced to the yard for an earlier
tantrum. Freezing rain feeling glorious
on my hot tear steined face.

Stopping to walk along the dented
chain link fence, breathing hard, a smile
spread across my lips,
and I collapse into the drenching
grass to lie on my back, feeling
my heart pulse hot under my cold skin.
Filthy, fearless, free.

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