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wishes and crayons
just what ever, bs i guess. hah.. rhyme
gary butters
okay, so my mom and me do yoga at the gym twice a week. and there is this guy that she always complains about, gary, and i hadnt met him but two weeks ago, he was running on the treadmill and stopped to ask how we were and how our morning was going, hes not creepy or stalkerish or weird like my mom said he was, he seemed genuinely nice, just a friendly face of someone who honestly cares how your day might be going, you dont find people like that very often. well on our way to the class, she continues to rant about how off this guy is, and i just dont see it ( this happens often, my mom or dad, or someone with me might say something rude, or something behind another's back, or just simply judge, and it erks me, so then i have to get on their case to just be nice, because someday those people wont be here, and people are just people, they dont come in types, only in decisions and mistakes ) so i stand up for gary, telling my mom he just seems like a good listener and just a friendly person. nothing wrong with him.

he died of a heart attack the other night, and my mom called me during 3rd period today to tell me i was right. and its true, shes never going to see that smile again, shes never going to see that presence or have some one who cares truly about how her morning is going, cuz most people honestly could care less, that information is not necessary to your day. and in reward for his kindness, he got pushed away, ignored, and had a heart attack. and it sits on her guilt conscious that she never took the time to ask how his day was. how he was feeling, if his family was doing alright.

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