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Diary of Poems
Where a good deal of my poetry is archived, please comment ant tell me what you think
Bridge of the Angels
Detrick II
Bridge of The Angels

Leaves falling, breezy with the smell of saltwater forever in the air here, I stand here at the railing looking at this bridge everyday like I've never seen it before. The Brooklyn Bridge, is just breath taking to look at, Especially now, at night time. Im Sean, 24, 3rd year in college, but enough about me. The real meat in this juicy story is the angel who forever walks the path I sit on.

Now normally, when you see someone whose cute, you can put money that once the moment passes you can move on knowing they wont be back, right? Psssh, not my life. Just as I'm up everyday, everynight this... perfect woman of an authentic caramel skin tone, seductive hazel eyes, soft ruby lips, petite frame at a wonderful stature of 5'4 walks around this area. Standing here watching her everyday is my reward for being here. She makes coming to this park so much more worthwhile than I ever could alone. The funny thing is, I think I don't exist to her. I have been here at this park since I moved here about 3 months ago, and yet not a word.

It was a Friday, kinda warm for October, and I went to this party a friend suggested. He said the Host wants to meet me personally. It was formal, but I'm not a dress up type person, so I put on something basic: A designer brown sweater, khakis, and good boots with a creme hat. I arrive and I'm so glad I didn't dress classy, because everyone was dressed casually, except for one woman who striked a resemblance to the woman in the park. However, her classy silk red dress, with one strap with a slit on the left side was quite attractive and something said to talk to her (Actually it was my friend, just saying). So I approach her, trying to put on a confident face, but her angelic aura put me at my knees upon arms reach

"Does a beauty such as you have a name?"

"Amber, it's nice to meet you Sean."

"Ok, can you like turn your charm down a couple notches? The next thing I think is what I'll say, and if you knew what I'm thinking, we wouldn't be here right now..."

"Keep it in your pants, she chuckled. I'm glad I got to meet you. You're becoming everything I hoped you would be."

Hmm mind if we take a walk?"

"I thought you'd never ask"

So the two of them sneak out, going to Amber's place to dress more weather appropriate, then taking a stroll in the perfect place: under the bridge. Hours upon hours they spent talking about anything they could fathom. No topic, only words and each others interests made the conversation last as long as it did. Amber is 22, currently studying to be a beautician, and wants to run a company that completely reforms people by fashion, beauty, surgery, even mental and emotional. Amazingly, she comes from a wealthy family, yet struggles living in New York alone.

Sean waited for her to stop, and he held her hand. Looking her in her eyes with more intensity than he's ever shown in his life, he only stares. Amber's anticipation grows, anxious to ask what going on, but as she opens her mouth, he kisses her in a flash. He looks down at her and then looks up to the bridge.

"Every important moment that's ever happened to me in this city has happened right here at this bridge. I moved her across the bridge, I got into my first NY fight on this bridge, I saw you for the first time, but I want to change that..."


There's something magical about this bridge like, its beauty holds no bounds and you sometimes have to stand there and try to embrace all that it can give. Rain sleet snow hail, I stand faithfully at this bridge. However, this bridge has been here before me, and I feel it will be here after me. I can't hold on to this masterpiece forever. -holds her- I want a new beauty to catch my eye and grow old with me. May said beauty grow with me until we are no more. Plain and simple, you. I've watched you for 3 months straight, and I just wanted this opportunity... to ask you..."

"-places her finger over his lips- Shhh, dont ask. Dont waste your beautiful words asking a question you know the answer to. Walking this same road is fairly entertaining, but someone always watching me is amusing, just to see if he will show up. His determination, strong will and he's cute... I'll be here everday if I have to. Its like I knew this would happen.

He takes her hand, kisses it and they walk away, to find their heaven under the Bridge of the Angels.


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