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I am very happy you are reading this and so I say thank you for your time :3

Ghost of Yue
Community Member
Gory story
She ran, She ran as fast as she could.Her heart was pounding every second,she couldnt run anymore Violet had to rest.She climbed over a wall that led into someone's backyard,within the backyard there was a shed.She limpped over to the shed and dropped her body.Puff of breathe escaped from her mouth, tears fell from her pale cheeks as she looked up at the grey sky of Britain.Hours ago she was attacked by her loved ones and everyone eles she knew...somehow dead and alive.She looked down at her legs,they seemed unable to run being all wobbly and such.Violet's head turn to see the empty house,she got up knowing this might be the only shelter near by...all she knew was that she cannot run anymore.
Violet had looked around to find a wepon.She picked up a fallen branch it was strudy but it wouldnt cause much damage, so she threw it on the ground.She then picked up a metal baseball bat,a small grin appeared on her face.Many people do not know that hard metal objects such as a bat or a golf stick (watever its called)can be a great weapon.Once she gain a bit bravery ,Violet entered the deserted home.As expeacted everything was quiet.This had reminded her the times when her home was quiet and "peaceful". "Why did this happen?" she mumbled tears began to leave her eyes again..."If dead people came back to life..." she wiped the tears off with her sleve "Then why the bloody hell do they have to eat the living?"
A small voice was herd when Violet had finshed her sentence.Violet jumpped a little,then moved her eyes at the stair case.She gripped the bat making sure that if were a zombie,it would be caused a bloodbath.Creeks filled the house along with Violet's heavy breathing.Once at the top step she quickly poked her left to right,it was clear.The narrow hallway was coated with a soft dark blue light which came from the window.Most rooms had their doors opened, excepted the last door on the left.In that room Violet herd flesh being eating,blood being splatter on the ground.Violet turned her head and gagged , she had to looked at her wepon.Metal was all that came up in her mind...Her legs and arms trembled ,She had two choices ..one , go find another house though that would raise the chances of her getting killed, two stay and fight off this one zombie but if she failed she would most likely get killed etiher way ,Violet grumbled "IM SCREWED..."
She glupped and slowly opened the door.In the conner of the room a young boy was feasting on a adult.Violet did not heasted to swing, the young zombie was hit against the wall damaged but not dead.The child came tackled back at Violet, she swang the bat which made a thud,the zombie hit the ground but before it was able to get up again.Violet bashed the bat on its head again...again...again...again and again, she realeased all her anger on this zombie...thing.Heavy breathing came back to Violet,blood was spalttered over her the walls and the carpet like a kid and his red paint.Violet dropped the red covered baseball bat from her trembling fingers.A glare was settled on the lifeless child, the house was once again silent...

~hope you enjoyed this short gory story/if theres any typo problems im sorry

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