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I am very happy you are reading this and so I say thank you for your time :3

Ghost of Yue
Community Member
Things I Hate..
I hate it when people force religion on others.
I hate it when people brag about their religion,no one gives a ********.
I hate it when people think being any other sexuality is a sin other being a hetrosexual.
I hate people who get up in other's business.
I hate people who pick on others who have done nothing.
I hate kids who are spazzes.
I hate how my laptop is being a spaz.
I hate how many typo's I will have when Im done.
I hate hypocrites.
I hate needles.
I hate sharp things.
I hate when a doctor has to use a sharp object with my body.
I hate the dentist.
I hate people who say they want to die when the next day their alive.
I hate people who b***h about how they failed a test or broke up in a relationship, when theres people suffering in the world.
I hate how im so nice to people.
I hate kids who have cell phones at a early age.
I hate kids who have new tech at a early age.
I hate people buying useless things.
I hate parents who cant control their children.
I hate parents who dress up their kids like whores and getto people.
I hate how twilight ruined vampires for me.
I hate team edward.
I hate team jacob.
I hate all the teams on twilight.
I hate it when people cant make up their minds.
I hate how people my age are the last great genaration.
I hate to think that I spelled genaration wrong.
I hate how girls mature quickly than boys.
I hate fantards from any movie,or show.
I hate justin bieber.
I hate his rabid fangirls.
I hate that people get all butthurt when I talk about my opinons.
I hate it when people have body oder.
I hate it when girls shower themselves in purfume.
I hate it when guys shower themselves in cologne.
I hate the casey anothny case.
I hate that the mom got away with the murder of her daughter.
I hate neko girls.
I hate weeaboos.
I hate it when people use the weeaboo wrong.
I hate show offs.
I hate girls that show off their boobs.
I hate moms that show off their boobs.
I hate guys that where their ******** pants too low.
I hate the fact that my hair is super poofy.
I hate remembering that in 5th grade a girl promised to play with me if I gave her my muffins,after that, that b***h acted like nothing happen and ditched me for a popular girl.
I hate that I told you that.
I hate that people cant tell me whats wrong with me,rather than to just tell others so it can spread.
I hate that I suck at spelling.
I hate people who think that every muslim is a terroist.
I hate vegtables.
I hate vegatarians who force others to eat vegies.
I hate vegtarians who think badly of people who eat meat.
I hate the media making girls think that they HAVE to be super skinny with the perfect body.
I hate that my favorite anime has horrible art.
I hate mary sues.
I hate gary stus.
I hate people who ask the most obvious quetions.
I hate people who judge everything you are and everything you have.
I hate it when people dont listen.
I hate it how a guy sleeps w/ a ton a chicks and men look up to him,where if a lady sleeps w/ a ton of men she is consider a whore and look down upon.
I hate man boobs.
I hate anime girls with the most skinniest waist and beach ball breasts.
I hate black people hating on white people.
I hate white people hating on black people.
I hate people for not relizeing that everyone is a bit racist.
I hate people making perverted jokes when I eat a push pop or popsicle.
I hate not getting almost all perverted jokes.
I hate acne.
I hate my jiggyness knowing that im underweight.
I hate people trying to act cool.
I hate assholes.
I REALLY REALLY really hate my brother.
I hate people who text and drive.
I hate knowing how ironic it is that(most) chirstians and chatolics(yea I spelt that wrong shut it)hate gays,bis,lesbians,transgenders and say they'll go to hell when their religion is based on LOVE AND HAPPINESS.
I hate how bitchy I must sound..
I hate knowing I'll be depressed on other people's reaction to this.
I hate having to repeat myself.
I hate not having more things to hate.
I hate this list.
I hate hot weather.
I hate make up.
I hate liars.
I hate people who use others.
I hate it when someone decides to be a leader in a friend group.
I hate it when friends make their friends who they can n cannot hang out with.
I hate how society teaches not to get rapped instead of dont rape.
I hate people who blame everyone and everything but themselves.
I hate teacherpets.
I hate kids who tattle tell.
I hate how life's a b***h.
I hate how I cant live my life because Im trapped inside due to my mother.
I hate how my mom only takes me to stores and malls,and never takes me to the beach or a museum.
I hate money.
I hate celebs. who never think of the REAL life.
I hate spoiled kids.
I hate douchebags.
I hate it when little kids are sticky.
I hate it when parents fight.
I hate it when people fight over the most dumb things.
I hate people who cant let it go and go on with their lives.
I hate the color orange.
I hate everything about you.
I hate how people arent going to get my music refernce^.
I hate tear jerkers.
I hate animes with 300 eps and over.
I hate animes with non stop fighting.
I hate spam.
I hate it when dogs bark non stop.
I hate the lack of love and peace in this world.
I hate it that people give bibles to the poor when they should have given them food or money.(its the truth,you cant eat a bible,and you cant sell it)
I hate the jersey shore.
I hate the hills.
I hate my brother.
I hate people who think drugs and sex is cool.

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