"do you want me to walk you to your room?"Gil offered.

"No...its ok" yuki said as she left he kitchen.

"oh...Yuki" Rose said quietly. DR voice: solve the riddle and ill tell you the truth remember.

I know "yes rose?" yuki paused.

"no nothing.Nevermind." Rose said shaking her head.

Yuki frowned at her and walked away.

DR:piece of advice yuki,ask questions to everyone's past.

I will...yuki goes into the second dining room and sares at the big painting of a wolf with bird like features..."A goblin ?....no...what is this drawing feeling im getting from this?" yuki said.

DR:hhmm you know rose's secredont you?About her past.

"...Yea....but...what is this painting?"

DR:Well dont you know how old she is in human years?


DR:Well i guess she wouldnt want to it would of freaked out humans.

"...How cruel im not a normal human i know alot about other things that no human has thought of.."

DR"Think about it.She doesn't want to cause any worry for you.

"Im sure it wouldnt..im sure"

DR:Well rose and i are opposites.I'm blunt and dont care about human's
feelings,She does.Remember/

"Never forget it.."

DR biggrin ont look now,Someone is coming. "Y-Yuki,are you in here?"Gils voice came from the door.

Yuki hid under the table ....still..i cant hide.."Im here" yuki sat on the floor in front of the painting.

"I finally found you."Gill said while smile sadly.

Yuki looked away and started leaning on the wall."Gil?...."

"what is it yuki?" Gil said.

"How did you end up a servent here?"Yuki didntmade eye contact.

"The truth?"Gil asked.

"....Yes...please" Yuki let a tear escape her eyes.

"Gil wiped yuki's tear away."Well i was just a young boy when i woke up with oscar's uncle face.I cannot remember my life before that.He had brought me to the mansion where i became pz'a personal servant.They took care of me for a really long time.I became friends with Oz."

Yuki moved her face out of gils view "...oh..sorry..what about oz?"

"What about Oz?"Gil asked.

"His..past.." Yuki said sadly.

"He and his sister Ada were the only children here before me.He always seemed sad cause his dad wasn't there.He is actually not coming to Oz's ceremony.

"Oh...How sad..but..how could you notremember your past life before here?"Yuki said.

"...I dont know....All i remember was my own name."Gil said sadly.

"....I havnt been telling the truth.."

"I want to tell the truth to you guys....but dont know how to put it..." yuki cried a little.

"Somthing bad might happen tonight....and.." yuki thinks to dr: so i can say nothing but the truth?...

"And....." yuki blushes.

"..." Yuki looks away looks straight into gils eyes with a straight face and says "....i am picky with my food and i like cookies.."

"Wait!....theres more.."

"Yea.....but ill tell you later.." yuki said and put her head on her knees.

"No...Just tired.."

"Yuki grabs his hand and smiles.