I open my eyes to a room full of people I have never seen.I lie in the bed, completely motionless except for the slow rising of my chest. Each breath resisting it's journey into my chest. Stinging the walls of my lungs and clogging my throat and I couldbreath a little by little.I try to move a bit but every muscle in my body is in horrible pain.I try asking for a drink of water but nothing comes out but pain.My mind feels trapped.My worthless body that holds it lying and hurting.I lay there listening to what the starngers are saying.There talking about a girl named Emily and how she was in an car trash.I feel something on hand.I slowly turn my head knowning id be in serious pain ,but i had to know if i know the person.It was a young man in his 18-20's holding my hand.He had tears coming from his eyes.He was very cute.He had short dark brown hair,icy blue eyes,a round nose and he had light tan skin.He called me Emily.But he was crying for the wrong girl.I started to think about it,and I had no idea who I am and how i got here.I tried to speech again and the words came out this time."Wh-o are y-ou peo-p-ple."I tried to get the
words out.They all look at me shocked.An old women walks out the room and comes back in with a nurse."Who are you" she asked as she raises the head of my bed. "I dont kn-oow" I say in pain"Why are you here."she grabs a light from her pocket and shines it im my eyes"I don-t"I stop because the the pain is horrible.She turns to the people and say thatI might have Abisha.They start to cry .

Hours pasted and ive learned that ive been here for two weeks.The guy holding my hand is my boyfriend Mark.My mother is next to him and my father isnt here,and my two best friends Helly and Anne are sitting at other side the room sleeping.They ran some test on me.The doctor said that i did have Abisha but they didnt know how long it would last and that they could take me home tomorrow has long as I take my pills.I rest my eyes for a few seconds

I opened my eyes and I was on the the pavment laying in my own blood.A young man standing over me.I couldnt see him as well because his hands covered his face I counld only see hisruby red eyes and jet black hair that shaped his face.He leaned down to my ear and whispered sorry and disapperd.I layed there woundering what was happening.But nothing i could hear car passing by on the other side of the rode but no cars to help me.I could see nothing but
the crashed silver hunda I grew weaker and weaker very second i'd breath.I could hear a abolance coming and the red,blue,and white light coming to me.But before i know it I opened my eyes and I was back in the hospital room.I started to think about how I ended up in here.They said something about a car crash,Was that how i ended up in here,and who was that guy He know what happen to me.I needed to find him.I looked around and everyone was a sleep.I saw some clothes the my mom brought me for tomorrow.I grabed them and walked to the bathroom.
i changed onto a green tank top,black skinny jeans and high top converses.I really loved the look.I looked into the mirror to a stanager.The girl had lime green eyes,layered dark firey red hair that fit he face perfect,her skin pale as the moon.I know it was me but i didnt know one thing about her.I didnt know what her favorite color was or what foods she liked,nothing but her name and how she got here.I grabed a jacket and walked out for the room.