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● HAIR: black, shaggy, shoulder length, sort of scene
● EYES: blue
● SKIN: pale, almost white
● HEIGHT: 5'2
● BUILD: slightly chubby, medium bust

Veronica is a quiet bookworm. You'd be more likely to find her in the back corner of her favorite coffee shop with a pile of manga or a sketchbook and headphones on than out at the mall. She tends to distance herself from people, and her social interactions are very awkward. She can be a bit clingy, yet at the same time very stand-offish. Veronica has lived in the same town with most of the same people all her life, so she feels like if she suddenly became outgoing and fun, people would find it odd. Really, all she wants is to not draw attention to herself. Even though she likes watching scary movies, she hates the nightmares they give her afterwards. She's always been a little flighty, though, and imaginative. So horror movies only serve to heighten those qualities and make her jump at every little sound. Even then, though, she finds it fun. She's kind of an adrenaline junkie, actually, but not so much of one that she'd actually put her life at risk. Veronica also has a tendency to get lost in her own thoughts. When she's reading or listening to music, she's completely oblivious to anything outside of whatever is going on inside her own head. She hates to repeat herself, and will often pretend she said nothing at all if it wasn't heard the first time.

Her clothing is usually very casual and comfortable, but still fashionable. She likes skirts with leggings, sneakers and flats, sweaters, t-shirts, hoodies, and comfy bright-colored coats. She owns one pair of sunglasses, which she wears perched on her head when she isn't using them to block sun. She won't wear skirts that are much shorter than mid-thigh length, and prefers things that disguise her chubby figure.


User Image