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ALEXANDER (Sasha)xxxxx 19//MALE

● HAIR: dark golden brown, very wavy, down to shoulder blades
● EYES: red
● SKIN: healthy, peach colored, clear
● HEIGHT: 5'0''
● BUILD: very slender, slightly curvy

Sasha is very outgoing and flirty. He enjoys the elegant things in life, and has very expensive tastes. Even though his parents really wanted a son, they were perfectly happy to accept a daughter in place of one. Sasha had always been more interested in "girly things" than things that would be deemed acceptable for a young man. He identifies more with girls, and almost is one himself. He usually acts calm and refined, though he has a very short temper and it isn't uncommon for him to curse someone out in a fit of (probably unreasonable) rage (he has a very extensive vocabulary when it comes to insults).

His style is very girly and colorful, with lots of short skirts and shorts, heels, and color-coordinating purses. He always wears some kind of headband (and of course it would match his outfit). He wears a lot of designer brands. The key part is that everything matches, always.


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