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HUNTER KINGTON (Hunter)xxxxx 17//MALE

● HAIR: dark brown, short, sleek, covering right eye
● EYES: brown
● SKIN: a
● HEIGHT: 5'9''
● BUILD: slender
● ADDITIONAL DETAILS: round wire framed glasses

Hunter is a quiet young man, and very reserved. He's intelligent, and acts very cold to people he doesn't deem worth his time, smart enough, etc. Actually, he's a d**k to pretty much everyone. He's really not good at dealing with people, especially when it comes to important things. If he's forced to partner up with someone in class for a project or something, he always takes full control, doing all the work himself because he doesn't think the other person will be able to do it half as well (and also because he's just pretty bad at communicating). He's always complaining about how he's surrounded by idiots, and is way too judgmental of the people around him.

In the Harry Potter universe, he's a half-blooded wizard, and he resides in the next generation timeline (i.e. he goes to Hogwarts at the same time as everyone's kids).

Hunter's regular outfit consists of super tight skinny jeans in dark blue. A long fitted shirt with an off-the-shoulder neckline and sleeves that are a bit too long, in black. A black ribbon choker. Black sneakers.

He's in Ravenclaw, so he can alternitively be drawn in a Ravenclaw house uniform. He wears a button-up cardigan, gray, with house color trim, slightly baggy and again with sleeves that are a bit too long. A long sleeved button up dress shirt. House tie. Fitted slacks, dark gray. House robes.


User Image