Maybe you don't understand, the way I feel about you.

Guess you don't see what I see in you.

I see somebody so pure and young, energy, hyperness, laughter, joys of life sung.

Just some of the things I see, there's more, I confess.

Your sweet baby face, your awkward little grace.

Those soft, untouched lips, yea, I went there.

Those almound shaped eyes.

The mixture of ice, sea, and grass.

There's nothing that can be compared.

Your face just lights up of the littlest things.

You act like you're always on caffeine. Bubbling like a spring.

Maybe now you see what I see.

Somebody worth knowing, because you're very going.

But I'm something you despise.

I try, try, try, to get you to see you through my eyes.

But all you see is lies.

What can I do?

But keep seeing you.