Oh I'm going to miss you my Prince,
Knowing that you've been claimed.
Guess I have to use past tense,
I just have me to blame.
Because I listened to you,
Because I believed you,
Because I trusted you,
Because I feel in love with you.
Now I have nothing here but the ghost,
Of what we were and what we had.
That's what hurts the most,
That you're glad.
To be rid of me,
To have her.
That's the way it seems to be,
Now everything's a blur.
Because I'm crying,
Because you're gone.
Because this pain makes me feel like I'm dying,
Because now I don't belong.
Do you share with her what you shared with me?
Do you make her feel like you'll always be there like you were for me?
Do you make her feel loved?
Do you make her feel like a precious dove?
Does she think your different?
Does she think your sweet?
Does she feel like it's been ment?
Does she feel like this can't be beat?
Oh trust me Phil,
If she doesn't now, than she will.
Because that's how I felt,
Before it all started to melt.
Oh well, least she has you,
Unlike I do.