Today I remembered that I'm wearing a tobacco item even though smoking is disgusting.
And I thought about it for a while to try and remember why I started wearing it and why I keep wearing it. So now I'm going to write it in this journal, if only for future reference.

When the achievements first came out, I was one of the people scrambling to get as many as I could, one of those achievements was wearing a tobacco item. I chose the kiseru because while browsing Gaia, the avi's I saw holding them tended to look particularly well put together, with a well thought out color scheme, expensive items, good balance, and so on.

So I bought it, and when I wore it I noticed that it really did seem to suit my avi, so I figured I keep it on.

Since then, almost all my avi's have had a black and brown color scheme, which happens to be the same colors of the kiseru. I'm not rich with items so the kiseru is a cheap, nice looking accessory to make my avi look less empty but not like I'm trying too hard.

Now, when I take it off my hand either looks empty not holding anything, or cluttered with an item that covers some of what I'm wearing.

After drawing my current avi, I realized that my ghost and my kiseru could have something to do with each other if I wanted them to. So I decided that my avi's kiseru is haunted by this little ghost thing, and she carries it around with her because that's just the kind of thing she'd do.

Stupid, I know, but I sort of like the idea, and it makes me feel better if I tell myself she actually doesn't smoke out of the thing (often).

And because it's not a cigarette, it wouldn't even have most of the chemicals found in modern tobacco products. They'd be more likely to be herbs and tobacco rather than insect killer and tobacco. I mean still not things you want in your lungs but..

My avatar is a reflection of myself, so I wouldn't feel right just dismissing this as 'it's just pixels, so no body has to worry about lung cancer.' But I also don't like short skirts. And I don't wear glasses, or headbands. And I have somewhat liberal opinions on guns. But all together I love my avi, it's my favorite colors, and arranged in a way I think looks great.

So I don't wear it because I think smoking is oober cool and sexy, and I don't wear it because huffing lighter fluid, dog piss, and toilet cleaner is beginning to appeal to me.

I wear it because it suits my avatar, giving her a bit of a vintage look, and adding to her overall balance, interest, and color scheme.