Sounds of a record crackling as a slow violin song in reverse is played in the background. -- A rough, robotic voice introduces me. You are now listening to SupaFine FM, a mish-mash of miscellaneous audio, a madman's ramblings, and advertisements. All sounds stop, there is a silence for about 10 seconds. Kel Mitchell begins to speak. Hey guys, my name is Albert Wily, A.K.A. FantasyBro and Kel Mitchell. Welcome to SupaFine FM! We have a bunch of cool stuff in this show! Okay.. not really.. we only have 15 minutes. Here's a song! It's called The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air by Will Smith, we'll take a break afterward.

Intro - 5 minutes

3 minute song and 2 minute commercial break

Alright, we're back. Man, those were some great advertisements! Did you hear they were remaking Spy Kids? It seems like Hollywood is milking the hell out of everything that already exists, Teen Wolf, Retro Gaming, AKIRA, The Fairly Oddparents, the list could go on. I honestly think we'll NEVER get another one of those really AMAZING Intellectual Properties ever again. The amount of pure crap that comes out of the industry these days is just cringe-inducing. Okay, time for the wild card. You might like it, you might hate it, either way: I put some a little bit of effort into it. Until next time, stay SupaFine static screech sound is played, fades out into wildcard-1.mp3

wildcard-1.mp3, essentially a five minute slowed down sample of Origa - Inner Universe looping while a slowed down acapella of Eminem - Lose Yourself is synced to the sample is played. Surprisingly trippy if you're wearing headphones.