Resigetment Episode 2
Theme- Beginning The Resigetment Club

It was the morning before the tournament. Eiji stood in his roller chair typing on his computer."Katsuyuki how many copies we need again?" Eiji asked. "40 something. have enough ink for that?" Katsuyuki asked. "Eh.....I dunno....i'll check the status" Eiji said. " know.....i havent really figured out what my next novel to read will be...have you been reading any pieces of fiction-literature lately?" Katsuyuki asked. "Well.....not recently....but very lately.....I read this book about tigers against cheetahs, that thing was pretty intense with all the blood in it...I guess you can try that one. Its written by Aiko Takahashi" Eiji said smiling. "Em.....I will soon.....tigers and cheetahs fighting?....for what?" Katsuyuki asked. "To see whose better than the other....its much better than it sounds it. Its in the library if noones borrowed it yet" Eiji said." Em.....i will soon....I do need something to read at night.....anyways, i cant wait for the tournament today. Nows my chance to fetch some kids and have them join the club " Katsuyuki said smiling. "Oh yeah!.....we're going on our little catch some 12,13,14,15,16,17 year old fishies. Those are some pretty old fish aye?" Eiji said smiling. "Ha, yeah" Katsuyuki said smiling.

Meanwhile with Naoki

Naoki was in his orphanage home room exercising getting fit and ready for the tournament . He was fast punching his punching bag that was tied up on a string to the ceiling. He jumped back, kicked it 2 times, and putted his feet down. Soon he beginned to do push ups. "Ha! ha! ha!" he breathed breathlessly doing fast push ups. Soon he was done and laided exhaustedly on his bed. " Ah yes I cant wait till that tournament!! Im gonna kick so much butt!! woo-hoo!! Naoki said happily. "One day....I wanna be like her.....I wanna be a hero.....I wanna fight for justice! and never give up!! haha! Tai Nobunaga rocks!! And she's hot!! Naoki said smiling.

Naoki's Narration- hey!! my name is Naoki Kajita, and Ima 12 year old yound fighter......i grew a love for martial arts because I been a fan of the Tai Nobunaga series. The Tai Nobunaga series is a manga collection of the most awesome female swordswoman, Tai Nobunaga herself. She fights for justice no matter how hard the bad guy is.....and she's unbelievably pretty!! Oh my god Im so jealous of her boyfriend, he's so lucky.....everything about her is amazing, her looks, her face expressions, her fighting.....oh god theres nothing that i dislike about her. Its like she's just meant to be perfect.....roses fall whereever she walks because she brings the true meaning of perfection along with her whereever she goes.....

Back To Story

"I need to hurry up and find a partner because they said we need to have a 2nd person fighting alongside" Naoki said smiling.

Naoki was soon happily running around the town . A fat, red, big nosed fat boy with an icecream cone named Hirohito was sitting on a bench licking icecream. "hey, i think I seen your face on the tournament list" Naoki said as he ran to him..... Hirohito's eyes turned to him..."Your Hirohito Sae right?" Naoki asked looking at him." Yeah....what about it?" Hirohito asked. "Well....I seen that you had no it'd make alot of sense if we become partners. Comeon. Please? Naoki said smiling. Hirohito turned around at his icecream....."What do you say?....Mr. Cream and shivery?...." Hirohito said looking at his icecream. "Uh.....huh?...your talking to an icecream....icecreams dont have minds they're just meant for eating" Naoki said looking at him with a creepy look." Believe me.....inanimated objects have a mind just like normal people do. You just have to look deep within them to know what they're saying now shhhhhhh" Hirohito said. "Um....weird but okay" Naoki said looking at him. Hirohito beginned to stare at his icecream cone........Naoki watched him........................" says I should be you're partner" Hirohito said. "Oh. haha. Okay! See ya then" Naoki said smiling. He walked pass Hirohito and started walking forward away..............................................................Hirohito threw the icecream cone in his mouth, got up and started walking to the icecream truck. "hey....I want more icecream" Hirohito said

At The Tournament

Naoki got out his pen. "Okay Naoki Kajita and Hirohito Sae" Naoki said as he was writing they're names down together. "Got it! Now thats more like it..." Naoki said looking at the list. "Excuse me...can I hold that? me and my sis have to write our names down too" Ai said as her and Mori walked to him. "Oh sure. Here..."Naoki said handing it to them. Ai took it and started writing."......So you two are teammates?" Naoki asked smiling. "Yep. We're sisters too. Im Ai" Ai said. "Mori...." Mori said with alittle blush. "Oh Im Naoki, nice to meet ya" Naoki said smiling. "Okay....where's your partner?" Ai asked." Mines? he aint here yet....haha, but he will be though. Yall will get a chance to see him soon" Naoki said smiling. " ya go" Ai said handing him his pen back. "Thanks" Naoki said taking it...Ai and Mori just started walking away.

Yoshimi and Koji

Yoshimi was standing beside Koji in the long line as Koji was eating a bag of colorful jelly beans. "Man....this line needs to move up faster than what its doing, this is just ridiculous....I gotta use the bathroom" Yoshimi said. ' We'll be there the next 5 hours...heheheh" Koji laughed. "Hey...wanna try to cut?" Yoshimi asked. "Why? thats not fair" Koji said."Dude I dont care about it being fair. What i care about is not crapping my pants, now are you coming or not?" Yoshimi asked looking at him. "Fine. Yes. But dont say anything when a line backer tries to tackle you. I'll act like i dont even know who you are" Koji said looking at him. "Kay, lets go" Yoshimi said.

To be continued