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This is my journal/diary/whatever-you-wanna-call-this-thing. It's for anyone to read because I don't care all that much. It contains a lot of random things and drawings.
Character Bio
Name: Adalei Frau Hellbore
Gender: Female
Race: Ardänian Changling (Shape Shifter)
Age: One-hundred forty-six years of age
Spouse: None
Children: None
Personality: Adalei is generally a very sweet, friendly woman who, when unthreatened, will be gentle and kind to whomever she meets. She tends to smile a lot and acts like a care-taker even if in another's home. But, despite this tender disposition, Adalei is ruthless and merciless in battle. She is unpredictable and seems like an entirely different person.
Weapons: Adalei had honed certain form to be used specifically for battle and rarely relies on weapons. She keeps two short swords and a dagger with her only as a last resort.
Weaknesses: During the period that she shifts forms--albiet a short amount of time, she must focus her mind on whatever it is wishes to become and on little else.. Also, when she is drinking and left unattended, she will get herself entirely drunk and seduce any man that fits her fancy.
Appearance: When she is not shape-shifting, she had long, straight black hair that falls down to the back of her knees and is usually tied back into a tight ponytail. Her skin is like a porcelain doll's and her eyes are a pale lavender with a slitted pupil. (No matter what form she is in, the slitted pupils are consistent.) She is about 5'6" and has long legs. Her body and slender but curvy. For an Ardänian Changlings, it can take five to ten years (and sometimes longer) so master one form depending on howintricate or powerful that creature was. She has already mastered twelve forms and is in the process of mastering another.
Biography: Ardänian Changlings are bred by Darkened Elves like humans breed dogs. Some are bred for leisure and entertainment, some for fighting, and others just for looks and competitions. Adalei was one the the changlings bred for leisure, was sold, and was to be used for whatever her masters wanted of her.
Her first master was a general in the kingdom of the Darkened Elves. Her was kind to her and brought her everywhere with him as if she was his own daughter. He brought her to royal affairs, on his journeys to other kingdoms, etc. She was treated well and was taught how to defend herself in case there was a time he was not there for her.
That came sooner than either of them had ever expected for he was killed in a massive war between the Elves and two other fierce kingdoms.
Because her master was gone, she was considered an unclaimed servant and was sold to whomever bid the highest. She went from master to mater, each more cruel than the next. With each master, she became more and more aggressive due to their beatings, raping her, and doing whatever they deemed fit. This went on for almost 70 years before she snapped and brutally murdered her master at the time who had treated her worst of all.
By the time they found her master, his home was completely ripped to shreds, covered and flooded with his blood, and the blood of his other servants and of the guests he had invited for her to 'entertain' that evening. Her master's head was decapitated and mounted on the hilt of his best sword; his face was completely clawed to bits until he was unrecognizable, as if some wild animal had attacked him.
When they finally tracked Adalei down, she had wreaked havoc and killed three families, the head male of each family was also decapitated and defaced.
The kingdom sentenced her to death that very night and was to make a public event of it the next day. This was planned before a world-know sorceror, by the name of Erolith Moon Aelasar, heard of the maniacal woman and decided to take her as his own. He pleaded with the kingdom's leaders for them to give her to him though he wouldn't tell them the reason why. after much persuasion, and many hours of debate, they agreed and released her to the Sorceror.
She was still in her maniacal, blood-thirsty state of mind and was ready to kill him on the spot for she knew nothing of what was happening and could not understand. Her mind was gone and her soul was untamed.
For thirty years, Erolith trained her, tamed her, and made her his apprentice, teaching her how to manipulate different elements and how to use the art of shadow-play. Above all, he taught her how to master her own mind and soul so to keep her from losing herself ever again. She came to accept him as a father as well as a teacher.
After he came to the conclusion that she was now sound in mine, he felt she was ready and passed away in his sleep at the old age of seven-hundred and fifty-nine, a smile on his face, leaving her alone in the world. For many seasons, Adalei mourned his death, continuing her studies and taking care of his home. That is, until she knew it was time to move on. But, instead of burning his home as she had originally planned, she cloaked it so no one but she would ever find it. She was one-hundred three years old at this time and to this day, she still visits her 'father's' home every few years.
Now, she wanders all of creation, no particular goal or known purpose in mind. She has trained herself into a deadly weapon since leaving the Sorceror's home. Occasionally, she will hire herself to the highest bidder as a mercenary or an assassin, if they can find her.

heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart

Name: Paige
Gender: Female
Race: Cat demon
Age: Twenty-two years of age
Spouse: None
Children: None
Personality: She's a trickster in every sense of the word. She is feisty, hot-tempered, and loves to 'play' with people. She is a rather lusty individual.
Weapons: She has a black dagger with demonic inscriptions etched into the blade so that whenever she whisperd the Demon language to it, the sword transforms into a black-ebony long sword. She keeps this in a sheath on her right thigh.
Weaknesses: Her ears and tail are extremely sensitive to touch and she is very protective of them.
Appearance: Standing at about 5'8" with voluptuous curves and fair skin, she is a sight to be seen. She has gold-blonde ringlets which falls to her waist and forest green eyes with the cat-like slitted pupil. Atop her golden head are two black cat ears and a fluffy, black cat-tail behind her. She has two tattoos: a celtic-heart on her right hip and a rose wrapped in barbed wire on the back of her neck. On her left arm is a burn scar in the shape of her black dagger.
When she is in the form of a cat, she has silky long, black fur and is the size of a small, house cat. Where the burn scar is is a patch of furless skin though very small.
Biography: When she was young, she was abused by her father. One night, her father lost his temper and took his dagger from his sheath and heated it over a flame. He came after her and pressed the scolding demon steel against her small arm.. That scar still remains on her and will never leave her no matter how old she becomes.
When she became twelve years of age, she ran away from home, stealing her father's black dagger while he slept. Paige became lost, wandering aimless and alone for weeks, starving, till a group of theives found her. Their first plan was to rape and kill her but one of them decided they should take her in and train her to become a theif.
Years passed while she lived with them. By the age of 18, she had already surpassed all the theives in the group, only to be rivaled by the leader. She was constantly on the prowl, stealing priceless jewels, robbing families of treasures, and such. The bounty on her head increased without ceasing.
After returning to the camp with a her new booty, she found everyone slain. This caused rage to well up inside her and she went out on her own. She never found the killers of the people she considered family.
She is now the highest female bounty among thieves and murderers.

heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart

Age:Forty-three Summers (Adolescent)
Personality:Laeyal is a generally silent through almost any situation; never says a word. When she does speak at all, whatever language seems to be broken and not always understandable. Always keeping a cool, level head, she can handle and solve almost an problem that comes her way. She tends toward the gentle way and only kills when hunting for food every 4 months.
Weapons:None per say.
Weaknesses:The human half of her body and the underside of her snake body between the ventral scales.
~Human Half: She has light caramel skin and long black hair. Her ears are longer than the humans with a small pointed-tip. She had green eyes and larger breasts with a slender waist and curvy hips which ease into the snake-portion of her body.
~Snake Half: Her 'tail' is thick like a rattlesnake's; similar to a light-ebony coloring with ivory stripes cutting across the top all the way down to the tip. Her scales are sleek and shines like metal under sunlight. It is about 15 1/2 ft. long behind her and can crush a large bull with little effort.
((Reference image if needed))
Biography:Nagas are much like snakes in the way they birth and raise their children. The mothers form the eggs in their belly and lay them in a small nest by the sea. For Nagas, it takes about 3 months for the young nagas inside the eggs to hatch. Once they do, they a free to go on their own in the world.
Laeyal traveled for about 10 years, staying away from the sea as much as she could. She never understood why she was repulsed by the salt water but she didn't think too hard on it either. She finally settled herself down in a small cave not far from a mid-sized human population. Intrigued by the humans and their ways of life, she wouldwatch and study them if they ever came near her home. They never wandered into the cave though as a rumor was spread around that some sort of curse was on that cave. This was because of the scraping sounds of her belly scales on the rock floor.
She stayed in that cave for 15 years before a group of young humans decided to find out if the curse was real. They brought along weapons. The sight of her seemed to petrify the humans. Eager to keep peace with them, she tried to speak to them through her broken tongue but they took it as a threat and started attacking her. In the attempt to harm none of them, she quickly left to find another home.

heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart

Name: Drayle
Gender: Female
Race: Centaur
Age: Seventy-five years old (( Equivalent to 25 in human years))
Spouse: She had at one time but her husband was killed in battle many years ago.
Children: None; unable to bear children due to an old injury.
Weapons: She keeps her late husband's pole-arm hidden away in her home only for emergency but has never needed to use it since the war ended.
Weaknesses: The mention of her late husband and no family
Appearance: Long black hair and tail, pale skin, and dappled grey fur; she has black socks and her body is very toned and strong. (( Reference Image if needed. ))
Biography: Drayle was raised a happy colt, knowing no sadness or pain. She grew up in the mountains and valleys so she stayed strong and was very lovely among the other centaurs. The time finally came when the young foals and colts were to be matched off and shooed away to start their own families elsewhere. She had long been in love with a stallion of a centaur who whisked her away to a place far from all others in a deep, luscious valley.
Two decades later, a war started in the surrounding mountains which had nothing to do with them. In an effort to protect them from a group of attacking soldiers, her husband went out to face them. He was brutally murdered. She had been run through but was not killed; leaving her to be barren for the rest of her life.
It was many months later before she had fully recovered from the injury but she never truly healed from the loss of her beloved. Drayle returned to where she and her husband had lived together, staying there alone. Not a soul came near her.

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