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The Word of Sheryl.
Well... s**t.
I've been rejected by all five of my university course applications. Which is just ******** wonderful. I don't expect to get into this university via clearing, apparently its massively oversubscribed so they never need to bother with clearing. So I'll have to look at other universities... which I have done. Found some courses I'd like to try for. Each in a different city...

So ******** my life is.


Also sick of being alone and no-one giving a s**t. Sick of everything.

Do you know what I want right now? I want to leave everything, and everyone that I know. I want to go somewhere where no-one knows who I am, who I've been. I just want to leave everything behind and restart my life anew. I can't, I know that. I have nowhere to go, no money of my own, no friends. I just wish people wouldn't be so damn difficult and... I wish that people would be honest with each other. I wish I could talk to my father, I wish my mother didn't hate me, I wish my... well, she's not my best friend anymore... but I wish she would come back to me. And I wish he would cut the bullshit and pretension and constant condescension and fa├žades and just be honest for once in his life. Ugh. I could just wander off into the night right now. But I won't, because it's cold out there. Life needs a restart button, where is it? Where's the reset? Someone help.

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