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Day by day i change. Adapting this new life and hoping i scratch out just a glimmer of my old life.

Vampiress Nadia
Community Member
born into the dark
I have not done well with keeping journal entries in fact i am far from it!!! But i shall now try to do my best!

I guess i should introduce my self I am Nadia. I am a middle class regular girl who works at Michaels as a cashier in Virginia! I am 20 years old and i have a boyfriend who is in the navy in California who does not wish to talk to me right now! Why do i tell you this? let me get there so hold your horses! I have read books, watched movies, and played games. I always wanted to be swept away and whisked off to another land!! Not to become so muffle brained Princess but to fight dragons and evil knights and sorcerers etc!! My life here is dreadful and uneventful i spend my time working and singing and day dreaming! No i dont think i will be whisked away! I dont think i will be a warrior! but i do imagine what it would be like!! anything would be better than this right?!

I was wrong.....i believed that for 20 years!!! And when finaly i stoped waiting and looked for a way! I realize Im starting to sound like a nut job but hear me out! one thing in my life i have always Fancied.....darkness. Not evil, not bad just the love of somethings dark!! I am raised christian and A christian my self! but i do falter i realize this!! I love goth clothes, i love black, i love skeletons. i love the color and the way that blood looks!! Now i dont inflict harm on myself EVER!! no im not some crazed maniac that will be all creepy about it!! I simply admire it from afar as if in a museum! Something to look at never to touch! i am an odd girl anyone who knows me will tell you that but im not dark odd unless you see that side which i rarely show! unless i detest you then i am very very dark! but its hard to make me mad!! Only my family knows those buttons!

i realize im ranting yet again! i should go to the point of this entry! I have become a vampire. I am not as pleased as i was before the thought of Vampires...i wish i knew where to start....... In the movie Interview with a Vampire Louis starts with his being born into darkness. that road has been traveled! I am not paler than i was before the change. but once i am a full vampire then that will change. yes there are stages to being one of us!

1st: The young-ling
just born consists or years 0-20 of being a vampire
you can still be around sunlight you just get sunburned easier and your eyes are more sensitive. fangs very small not much different but around year 18 they grow to adult size. you feed on animals blood on a small level

2nd: The Apprentice
consists of years 20-?
more sensitivity towards the sun but bearable!Your training years adapting to your knew senses! keen sense of smell and sight rapidly grows along with your fighting nature. you will have to have a Master to teach you how to survive on your own! because soon you wont be able to live in the light! at this point the Master has you doing errands during the day! training or no! You leave your old life at around 20 and live with your Master until he/she believes you can make it on your own and or dismisses you! Still feeding on animals but more regularly!

3rd: The Wanderer
no age limits
Most vampires do not make it past this stage! you find your "hunting grounds" and you feeding on the humans just to survive! keeping your true self a secrete.
Traveling town to town never making a home! you live in the darkness by around
age 30 you must stay away from the sun!

4th: The Master

You have travled everywhere and by the Vampire councils approval you
can now join there underground Society and chose to take on a young-ling or life with out worry! Masters live in the underground society and settle down and drink and fight and carry on! Most tend to spar and tell war stories!

I have limited knowledge on The Masters and the society they inhabit! but soon maybe i shall become one! just maybe!

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Community Member

Sat Dec 07, 2013 @ 08:17am

This looks promising emotion_kirakira

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