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Day by day i change. Adapting this new life and hoping i scratch out just a glimmer of my old life.

Vampiress Nadia
Community Member
In my heart i harbor the lonesomeness this cruel fate has left me. A once out going person now feels trapped and suppressed.

" Nadia! NADIA!!!"

Shocked I looked to the direction of the speaker. It was my mother. She looked beautiful as always. Stunning brown eyes immersed in love. long brown hair that cascaded down her shoulders. And a smile that could make you feel at home. But the one thing that i had missed were those long protective arms that enveloped me and made me feel as if all the troubles in the world were bugs on a windshield. Every time i see her i feel this punch to the heart knowing i would have to leave her very soon and leave her with no knowledge of why i left. I know how it would make her feel. I have tried to keep a distance from everyone sense i was ....changed so as not to let them be to upset when i leave.

"Sorry mom i was just day dreaming." i said.

She looked at me worriedly.

"Nadia in this last week you have been acting strangely. You have been going to work with no complaints what so ever! Sleeping your day away if your not working!Your not as crazy as you once were. You haven't been singing...That bothers me the most. You always sing. Whats wrong?! Is it your breathing attacks?! Did you get fired and you just haven't told me?"

I knew i was different these past couple of days i just didn't know how much. I just haven't felt like singing which is not like me at all.

" Mom i am so sorry to worry you like this. I have been stressed lately what with Mark not talking to me, and actually my breathing attacks are not as frequent as they use to be! I don't know why i've been in this funk. I think i need to get some air... I'm going to take a walk." i said

"If you ever want to talk you know i'm here! I love you Nadia. Before you go on your walk dad told me to remind me about your rent! Oh Can you please take Knottingham with you on the walk?! Thank you!!" She said with a smile.

I told her i would and promised id be back in an hour at the most. I put the leash on the dog, grabbed a light jacket and headed out the door. I walked a brisk pace so that the dog could keep up and stopped so he could relive himself once or a million times. He was a clumsy but hes my stupid cute weimaraner!! He thinks hes a human sometimes. hes more human than i am right now.... although i don't have the need to defecate on every mailbox.

After 20 min of walking i arrived at my destination. I unleashed the dog who stayed by my side as he always does and approached the forest. Knottingham growled and Bared his teeth. I concentrated on my hearing to hear what he was sensing.

A pale ghostly figure stumbled out of the forest grasping at the air for something to hold onto. Sensing no immediate danger i put my hand on Knottinghams head to calm him down. She fell to the ground whimpering and sobbing. I am thankful she didn't see me. Knottingham and i probably looked like we were about to kill someone. After a few minutes I very slowly and cautiously approached her. Then rethinking i silently backed away having a better idea! I sat down and sung a song. I sung a song from "Phantom Of the Opera" it was called "Wishing you were somehow here again"

After the song had ended. I looked towards her to see if this had a calming affect. In the duration of this song she had rolled over to face me and cried with a smile on her face.

Softly she spoke,
" Thank you... if i had my guitar i would have loved to accompany you!"

Not moving i stated,

" And one day i hope you will!! Hello i'm Nadia"

She sat up and wiped her tears away. Sniffing and shifting she spoke again but this time her words wore mushed together and very shy,

" imravennon"

"im sorry?" i questioned

She covered her mouse like features and repeated,

" im ravennon"

I smiled. which i haven't done in a long time. She was different than anybody else. And strangely i felt more similar to her.

"Would you like to come to my home?! My mothers making fish sticks and custard!
I cant explain it but i feel connected to you!"

She nodded meekly and struggled to get up. I rushed to help her. As i touched her fragile frame i realized she was Freezing cold! But she wasn't shivering any normal person would be she felt like a block of ice! Suddenly she pulled away as if i had hurt her. She backed away. Shocked i stared blatantly at her.

" Your ....... a...Vampire?!"

She looked at me horrified and hurt. She started to cry into her hands and nodded.
I pulled her up despite the protests and hugged her!

" It's okay! It's okay!! I'm a Vampire too!! Now if your still up for it i'm sure those fish sticks are done!!"

She nodded and stayed in my arms most of the way home until Knottingham begged to let Raveannon hold his leash. Evidently i dot let him pee enough!! I can tell shes gonna spoil that dog!! I guess i have a friend now.....

........... I left to clear my mind and i'm bringing home a vampire.....how will i explain this to my mother?!

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Community Member

Tue Dec 10, 2013 @ 08:28am

...and stopped so he could relive himself once or a million times.

although i don't have the need to defecate on every mailbox.


I'm loving this so much! This was the best yet! And not just because of Raevannon emotion_awesome Everything! So awesome.

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