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My Life, My Story, My Battle, My Path, My Past, My Journey, My Experiences, and My Heart. ♥
The Alternative Universe Part 2 (The Very End)
(Since it got cut off! No criticism 4 that plz!!!! ^__^; )

"It's really more like our fault for pressuring you..." Kira said scratching his neck.
"No...really guys..." I insisted to them.
"No. It's not our fault either. There is a lot on her plate regardless of us. She just snapped in reaction to all the chaos. In her place we'd all do the same." Kiku said as we nodded. She was the sensible one most of all!
"I mean I can't think of a worse bad day..." Kiku said knowing my pain and torture and sea of tears getting some too. It's a goth thing.
"What happened?" Annette asked curiously.
"That's a loooooong story!" I said.
Then we all laughed.

Suddenly...it was dark!
It was as if all the light in the sky was blown out like a candle making everything dark blue. I saw a light. It looked like a UFO! I heard swooping like dragon wings. We were on our toes back again but still had our guards down. I look around.
"Is everyone alright?" I ask only for the light to flash right on my eye like a beam. I covered myself and winced in confusion and pain blinking.
"Who are you?" Annette shrieks madly.
Through the light the form is revealed. It was a giant owl.
"What's going on?" Kiku asks shielding her eyes from the blinding light too.
This caused a major wind whipping through our hair and clothes it almost hurt!
They all turned to me and I to them fleeting and quickly confused but not as.
I looked back at the beast.
"WHO are you?!" I asked all angry.
"I grant wishes."
"And what is your name?" Kiku asked with shock.
He wouldn't respond unless I was talking to him.
"What's your damn name?" I ask madly shouting.
"I go by many my pupil. But your task is complete. You are finished with my class. Come with me now, young one." He said directing his wing.
A wavy magic portal appeared where I could see the REAL normal universe instead of this alternate one.
"You have learned your lesson." He said calmly.
"But...I can't leave them behind. I need to save them!" I pleaded with tears in my eyes as they all looked sadly at me.
"They'll be fine. Come with me now." He put a wing on my shoulder.
My eyes were still on everything and they did the same. I waved sadly choking back the sobs. I learned it could be better or it could be worse and that not all people with a hard shell are tyrants. I was so nervous. I had never been more nervous in my entire life. I had stage fright but this was my moment.
I gulped. I faced forward and stiffly walked in. Eyes closed, chest out.

Into the Rabbit Hole...

I came back as if it were all some psycho dream or that I just fainted.
I flicker my eyes open. I could see the sky. I think I was on grass.
"Wha...what happened?" I asked dazed and confused.
I woke up slowly and got up.
"Whoa. Not so fast!" A friendly voice said.
"Huh?" I opened and closed my eyes a lot. I wasn't so tired so much as feeling light.
I had blurry vision but started to see. I saw that it was..................KIRA!!!!
I did everything in my power not to glomp him and cover him in kisses.
"What happened?" I asked more awake.
"Well you and Annette were gonna fight when you about kick her a** she took the challenge back."
"What?!" I asked for clarity.
"You choked her and she played dirty and you blacked out. She expected a catfight but quickly felt bad about your condition." He told me expositionally.
"Wow." I said blinking more with surprise. "Condition? What condition? Is it because I'm nocturnal?" I thought. I felt like this like that from beginning to end.
"She felt bad and turned herself in. She's talking to the principle and ALL your detention is hers now."
"Whoa..." I said in a long gasp. "I didn't get in trouble for beating up Annette?"
"I guess so." Kira said with a laugh.
"Have I just died and woken up in Heaven?" I say flicking my lashFes a lot smiling big.
"Kind of. The nurse is coming." He said getting up.
The nurse lady comes out with a first aid kit. The bandages are unrolling and fall all over the place. I decided I was too nice to laugh.
She was breathing heavy "I came here as soon as I could!"
"I think I'll be fine!" I said.
"I insist." She said brushing me and putting a bandaid on me.
Kira pulled me up.

I walked into the school to get my book bag. As I walk up the entrance stairs and go into the school Annette is going out. We lock eyes briefly. It was the quickest glance ever.
"You're not so bad after all." I said softly.
She smiled a little as she walked away
I smiled back knowing things would be back to normal by the end of the week.

"What do you want to do today, Raven?" My uncle asks when I'm home.
"Sleep." I say falling face first into my bed.

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