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Nonny's Nonsensical Notes
My Journal. Usually just my usual Video Game Reviews and what not.
Nonny's Cosplay Critiques! #4
Although this week ended on a sour note for me, I give my most heartfelt congratulations to those who did win.

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1st Place - Tangled: Flynn
Ah, I love this avi so much. It perfectly captures the lantern festival boat scene in all aspects. Gorgeous to look at, flawlessly executed, and very recognizable. Too bad you didn't have an accompanying Rapunzel.
Nonny's Rating: 5/5

2nd Place - Pokemon Clamperl
My only problems are first, the clam shell is not the same color but that cannot be help given that's the only clam on head item. Second, is the pearl shade which should be a deeper pink. Lastly is the smile, should have just gone for the neutral mouth. Other than that I like the creativity of this one so I give you points for that.

Nonny's rating: 5/5

3rd Place - Sherry Birkin - Resident Evil
Another very beautiful avi this week. The build is well designed and layered well. The background is also a good nod towards the scene you're depicting so full points on this cosplay all around.

Nonny's Rating: 5/5

4th Place - Levi killing a titan
Like the clampearl, this is a very creative avi. I would suggest to use the meat skin or some other skin altering item because the titan skin in the series is not so…soft? Nevertheless, I did enjoy this avi in all of its aspects. Good job!

Nonny's Rating 5/5

5th Place - Maleficent
Hmm…something about this avi just not too exciting, at least in terms of a Maleficent from that live action version. I've already seen numerous versions of this one and they all look relatively the same. Doesn't make it a terrible avi, mind you, just not too exciting. Nevertheless, good job

Nonny's Rating: 4/5

6th Place - Hyrule Warriors:Queen Zelda
Although I was not in a group with you and that Impa, I'm glad you placed. The layering is great and is very well coordinated. I have no complaints for you aside from a lack of a background. It really would add a lot of you added one!

Nonny's rating: 4/5

7th Place - The Red Bull
Good, good! An animal avi with a background. Still I'm a little mixed with animal base entries given that they are never complex and seldom exciting given the small item number to use for one. The bull is not nearly red enough to match the ref but adding the Unicorn was a good move. For an animal entry, it's one of the best I've seen and it is about as creative as you can get for one.

Nonny's Rating: 5/5

8th Place - GIR from Invader Zim
Again, I have no problem with animal base entries at all, they are just not exciting for me and this one just doesn't scream creative with me. No background is just a let down for me but they are in short supply for the animal bases. Eh, it's just not my cup of tea.

Nonny's Rating: 2/5

9th Place - Kid Icarus: Uprising- Palutena
Given that this is the same user from last week who won with a Palutena entry, I was expecting this to come soon. I love the layering overall, though a Spartan shield is closer to Palutena's shield than that dinky shield you used. Again, I think the deeper green color is better suited for her, but overall, I was happy with the construction of this avi.

Nonny's Rating: 5/5

10th Place - Galadriel
Overall, this is a pretty av. Her arms are not completely covered by white gloves but other than that, I have no problem with it overall. I would say to put a proper background as the tree is kinda boring, but I'm glad you put SOMETHING. Also, find wavier hair since her hair is not nearly as straight.

Nonny's Rating: 4/5

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