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Nonny's Nonsensical Notes
My Journal. Usually just my usual Video Game Reviews and what not.
N.V.G.R. #38: Persona 4 Dancing All Night
Well it's been a while since I've had free time like this to critique games, so I'm gonna put out a review for all games I've played since this past summer. First up is another game produced by Atlus to milk the Persona 4 series. If you thought battling was fun, I hope you're ready to dance all night.

Like Perona 4 Arena (Ultimax), Persona 4 DAN departs from the RPG style of Persona 4 in a rhythm based game similar to the Hatsune Miku rhythm games. If you are a fan of rhythm based games, this game is a solid rhythm game. If you're a fan of the Persona 4 series, you'll enjoy the game as well due to the return of all Persona 4 playable characters, Nanako, and Kanami Mashita as playable dancers. If you are neither a fan of Persona or Rhythm games, this is a pretty hard sell.

Dancing all night takes place shortly after the Persona 4 Golden extended epilogue. Rise is planning on making her return to the idol business and enlists the help of the Investigation Team to be her back up dancers at the Love Meets Bonds festival. However, strange things occur right before the show when Kanami Mashita, one of Rise's juniors, reports that her team, Kanami Kitchen, have gone missing. The Investigation Team dives into the mysterious Midnight Stage to rescue the Kanami Kitchen girls. Overall, the story is pretty good and fans will enjoy the story overall, especially amongst the Investigation Team. Another good portion of the game plays from Kanami Mashita's perspective as she tries to figure out what happened to the Investigation Team who "went missing" searching for the girls. She enlists the help of Ryotaro Dojima to search for them while Nanako befriends her and joins her at LMB. The story is not particularly impressive but still filled with tons of gags. The new character, Kanami, is a decent character, but nothing too impressive as she is easily overshadowed by the already established Persona 4 protagonists. Nevertheless, overall, again, if you enjoyed the Persona 4 storyline, you'll definitely find enjoyment in DAN's story.

The song selection of the game is a pretty decent 28 songs, all from various Persona 4 media including the original, golden edition, arena, and labyrinth games. Some require unlocking by playing the storyline however. Each song has a fixed main dancer with each character at least leading 2 songs aside from Yu, Rise, Kanami, and Nanako. You can choose a back up dancer for the songs with them backing them up during Fever modes, though they will need to be unlocked either by clearing the track in story mode or completing a certain difficulty of that song. Most songs are remixes done by some professional mixing artists from Japan and are enjoyable to listen to if you are a fan of the P4 franchise's music.

The game also awards currency when completing stages, allowing the player to buy costumes, accessories, and various song modifier items. The costumes and accessories are merely cosmetic differences and do not affect gameplay. Song modifying items do various things from changing note speed, making them invisible, allowing you to revive yourself should you fail a song and a few other effects. Money and Score is modified depending on what modifier you have activated, giving a lot more diversity to the game and is great for those die-hard rhythm fans.

DLC in the game mostly involves additional songs, though you can mostly skip these unless you really like certain songs, although 3 have exclusive characters Marie, Adachi, and Hatsune Miku as lead dancers. There is also DLC costumes and Accessories. Some are free, others are paid and again can be avoided as they provide nothing but cosmetic differences.

Nonny's Rating: 7/10. This score is more for someone who is neither a P4 or Rhythm game fan. it's a hard sell for people to jump in if they are not either of both of these. If you are one, especially a P4 Fan, this is easily a solid 8/10.

Nonny's Tip: None really. The game is super simple. Just sit back and listen to the good music.

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