"Where on earth is Rosie?" Olivia groaned, leaning back on the uncomfortable, plastic chairs in the rehearsal room. She plucked her reed off her instrument, and placed it back in the film container filled with water balancing on her stand.

"It's already 3:15, we should probably tune and get started without her," Bella stated, adjusting the strap of her instrument. Holden nodded in agreement, quietly blowing air through his horn.

"She has a lesson with [Soprano], it's probably just gone a little overtime," Chris reassured the group. "It's probably fine if we wait a little longer."

"This is the third rehearsal in a row that she's been late," Olivia shot back, "I'm starting to think that she doesn't take our Quintet seriously. I know she's also in the rock band and a flute trio, but this is my only chamber group this semester. I need it to go well or else my grades are screwed,"

"Well," Chris sighed, absentmindedly fiddling with the screws on his mouthpiece. "I guess we can just tune and get started. The second movement needs some work."

"And what instrument starts that part?" Olivia asked sarcastically, "Oh, the flute! And what instrument don't we have right now?"