Warning! Stronge Language, Suggestive themes

Just some angst between Morgan and Rose. They dont have the healthiest of relations as you can see. But that is the price of a hero x villain kind of relationship.

They became drawn together through blood transfusion, but Morgan despises Rose for killing her father and teammates. But won’t lie about her attraction for the humanoid.

And they would have rare moments where they don’t fight, they don’t ********, they just sit next to each other. Morgan would talk about how much she hates her how much pain Rose caused her, how she’d love to wrap her fingers around that pretty little scarred neck and watch her die before her eyes.

Rose would feel guilty for it, would say she’s sorry and if she could change the way things ended up she would within a heartbeat and she would actually mean it. But orders given by Akumu was bound by her curse of devotion.

They began to bond after a pact was made. Rose became a double agent to help the Resisters, giving them useful information about bases, and attacks. Even so much as showing blueprints of upcoming constructions. Morgan and Rose bonded over their shared hatred towards Akumu, mending old wounds from one another.

Then a few years later, Akumu orders Rose to target one of Morgan’s close friends/family again and ruin that trust that was forming between them.

Morgan: You made me trust you! You made me believe you were actually sincere that you actually wanted to help us!

Rose: Im so sorry! It was an order I had no choice!

Morgan: You lying sack of s**t! Your apologizes me s**t to me!

Rose would take it. Would stand there and let herself be screamed at. Guilt digging deep into her core, she would even allow Morgan to pull that trigger while it was aimed towards her forehead, because Akumu did say trying to be friends with the enemy would only cause pain.

And he was right.

Why is he always ******** right?