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Which OC is the first to fall asleep at a sleepover and what pranks do the others pull on them as they sleep?

It's nearly 3AM. After a night of party games, scary movies, confessing of sins, and too many glasses of alcohol, the Blue-Silver cohort is sprawled out around Minhyuk's room, exhausted. Jace sits against the wall with a book in his hand as usual, but his eyes are closed. Arin has a pillow in her lap, where Annie's head rests. She braids the younger girl's hair as Annie mumbles about music or something. Yuki flips through Minhyuk's sketches as he peers over her shoulder in case she tears apart his notebook.

But then there's Nik.

The boy who suggested such a gathering in order to "increase the bond" of the cohort is fast asleep, no doubt dreaming of the weird sci-fi movie they just watched. Without his bright, chatty personality present, the introverted cohort is silent.

Annie is the first to notice.

"Guys, we said this was going to be an all nighter," she groans, pushing herself up from Arin's lap. "Why did it get lame all of a sudden?"

"It is far past the time many of us prefer to sleep," Jace states, not bothering to open his eyes.

Minhyuk snorts. "Speak for yourself, Jace. This is early for me."

"Insomniacs!" Yuki adds half-jokingly, raising her now-empty glass as if saying 'cheers'.

"Uh, is Nik asleep?" Arin asks, frowning. She shuffles over to their self-proclaimed cohort leader, poking his shoulder gently. Nik's only response is a gently snore.

"Oh god," Minhyuk sighs, "He's gonna be on my floor for the rest of the morning, isn't he?"

"Nicholas does indeed sleep quite deeply." Jace says flatly. He puts down his book, giving up on pretending to read.

"He does, hmm?" Annie thinks aloud, a wicked smile forming on her face.

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