Imagine your OC waking up from a nap disoriented and confused

Minhyuk watches from behind the curtain as tall, elegant models strut down the runway, casting their smouldering gazes upon the packed crowd of Paris Fashion Week. Multicoloured spotlights flicker on stage, reflecting off the colourful yet chic pieces of clothing they wore. Blaring music and a smatter of camera flashes deafen the chattering of critics. If only he could hear what they had to say about his collection.

Once his team's best ten models - sporting the ten best pieces he's designed this season - take their assigned place on stage, he knows it is time. Brushing some non-existent dust off the lace pattern of his shirt, he puts on his best "unbothered and cool" expression. He pushes aside the curtain in a dramatic sweep, and joins the runway.

His throat is dry, but he channels all the confidence he can muster and continues walking. The critics voices' are but distant sounds; Minhyuk blocks them out the best he can, and focuses on the beat of the annoyingly loud music to match his stride to.

At the end of the runway, he stops, posing in a rehearsed yet casual manner to match the sophistication of his designs.

Lee Minhyuk! Lee Minhyuk! Lee Minhyuk!

Ignoring the fact that his last name is Choi, he breaks into a smile. The public liked his designs! They were cheering for him, as well as some... other people whose names he didn't recognize. Probably more experienced designers. But those guys aside, he had successfully pulled off his first fashion show.

He takes a bow, closing his eyes. He feels something firm against his forehead.

But as Minhyuk opens his eyes, the bright fashion show around him melts into the bare stone walls of the campus library. His face is pressed against the cold wooden desk he's occupied. Confused, he turns his body... and knocks over his pencil case, spilling a small collection of pens onto the ground. A few students turn to stare at him.

Minhyuk visibly cringes in embarrassment. It was all a dream. The chants of a satisfied crowd of fashion-enthusiasts is nothing but the cheers from a K-pop live video playing through his headphones while he slept. Sketches of clothing designs are scattered all over his statistics assignment, which was very much incomplete.