Hellooooooo! With the province (sorta) opening up on friday, I did some more digging of the skincare products i am missing. I have discovered a transit-able location of TBS where I can get my tea tree oil. So I made a whole plan to travel there and to bare market on Saturday, which im going to talk about now because stress.

Around 10-10:30am leave house, walk to Bay stn. Head to bare market to pick up shampoo, oats, olive oil (if it's pour-able) maybe sunscreen & bread if they have it... possibly cloth wipes if I cave in. Trip is 30ish mins.
Bare market -> TBS; about 35 minutes travel time, so im already halfway through the transfer time. just pickup the item that i will pre-buy for pickup on thursday (for ample time for them to get their crap together so i can get it on sat). immediately head back on transit, hopefully with enough time to travel back to college stn.

my other alternative is to leave at 10:30 and go west first and then east... that might actually be better so that I won't have to carry oats and shampoo and stuff on the subway for a long trip?

i'll think about it.